Baby girl is six inches this week…the size of a mango! Yay! Our doctor said she is about 8oz which is perfect.

Today we had our mid term ultrasound giving us further confirmation that our little baby girl is perfectly healthy and extremely active. In fact, she would hardly sit still for her pictures. The ultrasound tech even noted that her legs were moving like she was on a bicycle. ML and I couldn’t help but laugh. From what I could tell, she already looks a lot like Michael. Check out that upper lip!


In the next few days, I hope to find out if I can start to be a bit more active. At week 13 of my pregnancy, a hematoma on my uterus burst causing a lot of bleeding. Luckily the baby was completely fine. However, as a caution I was on two week bed rest and then on a six week exercise restriction which I feel is a small price to pay when it comes to the end result of having a healthy baby.  (Yes, it’s true, I have  not exercised for six full weeks.)

Besides our midterm ultrasound, other exciting news is that our nursery is coming together.  ML built baby girl’s new crib, courtesy of my mother.

New Crib!

Here is a run down on the past week:

According to my doctor, I have gained nine pounds since before conception. While I can still squeeze into my 25′s, it hurts to button them. I have finally given them up. I have gone up a size in my pants (xs to sm) and tops (small to medium). A big thank you to Brooks for keep me stylin’ and comfortable.

A lot of people like to take note of the size of my breasts. Believe it or not, I do know what size they are and really don’t need to be reminded of it. It is a bit bothersome, mostly because I am sensitive about being pregnant and being big. However, I try to keep it all in perspective. Most people don’t mean anything by it. And I don’t actually don’t mind it when it’s a one on one discussion about what it is like being pregnant while talking with other women. It’s just that the timing and place hasn’t always been the best.

The bottom line is that you should never ever tell a pregnant woman anything that suggests she may be big in any capacity. I did get some new bras from Brooks today that I totally LOVE. They are super comfy and help flatten out the ta-tas a bit.

My favorite food this week seems to be fried chicken. I can’t get enough of it. I don’t crave super sweet things, but I love french fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, fried chicken and iced tea. ML loves the new diet and seems to be ordering double whenever we go out. It’s almost like he is afraid that this new way of eating will end soon and that he better eat like this while he can!


Some days I am super hungry, some days I can barely eat. The thought of eating anything healthy is not appealing. Some days I am so tired that I can barely get out of bed. Some days I feel awesome. Some days I love being pregnant. Some days I really dislike it.

I have really enjoyed visits or get togethers with my friends these past few weeks. I never took that much time to spend quality time with my friends, while I was training hard (and tired all of the time).  This has really been awesome for me!

I think the coolest thing that I noticed this week was when I went to my doctor’s office for my nineteen-week check up.  While I was lying down, most of my stomach went concave, but I had a large lump on the right side. Michael and I thought that was the coolest thing ever, and we each giggled with excitement.

Things I am looking forward to next week:

We (me and mango) are going to Costa Rica for five days with ML and Race Quest. ML and I are putting on a triathlon camp down there. I can not wait. Costa Rica is one my most favorite places to be!

Lastly, I hope to finally start feeling some kicks! I know she’s in there…

Here I am at 19 weeks with Mango!