Since getting sick (the throw up kind of sick) back in January, I haven’t been able to drink coffee. I have tried a few times, however, the taste has brought back memories of that day. (I still can’t eat tacos or drink Hawaiian punch dating all the way back to when I threw up at the age of 8).
I have really missed coffee as it is one of my best freinds. Coffee makes me feel good when I am tired. Coffee makes me happy when it’s a rainy day. Coffee helps me poo in the morning, which is never a given. Coffee is a great way for Michael and I to bond in the morning as we read the paper and talk about our day. Coffee is a great excuse for a date with friends. In any case, I have missed the entire concept of “coffee”.

Michael has been trying to entice me with coffee as he has missed his coffee drinking buddy. However, I just haven’t been feeling it….until today. I drank my first half cup of coffee in 2 months. It’s amazing what the effects are after being off for so long. Only one half of a cup and I am the happiest girl alive and I am very excited to do my workouts for the day. More importantly, this morning, I had the BEST number 2 EVER!!!!

I hate to use the word “drug” as a title for my post, but as I think about what I have wrote above, that is exactly what coffee is…