I am finally up and about and able to leave casa Fred. However, I am still careful with exercise. My chest is raw and I am NOT 100 percent. What ever I had the past 5 days was BAD and I don’t want totake the chance of getting sick again!
So now that I am finally feeling a little better, Fred has the cough. Michael, on the other hand, has the sickness…full blown. He is in bed with the chills, sweating profusly, with a high fever. His heart rate is over 80 and and he can’t eat enough. I was there on Saturday. His chest is starting to get raw and his cough has started…I’m supposed to get him on a plane to San Diego in an hour for NA Sports work. Somehow, I don’t think it is going to happen:(. Michael never gets sick.
Richie comes in town today. I gave him a call yesterday to let him know about this highly contagious “thing” that is going around Casa Fred. I’m not sure what his plans are as of now, but I hope he doesn’t get this. It is NASTY!