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Amanda's Blog

June 24, 2009

CDA Race Report

I prepared for IM CDA with meticulous execution. I ate perfectly. I took my recovery from workouts and races seriously as I must have taken hundreds of ice baths. I used all of my First Endurance products on a daily basis. I rarely skipped a workout. I only skipped if I was absolutely smashed. I had the BEST training partners to help me prepare for this race. Lastly, I trained in warm weather at sea level for 5 months to help me be the BEST that I could be on this day. In fact, I can honestly say that I am the fittest that I have ever been in my triathlon career. There is not one more thing that I could have done to be more prepared for IM CDA. Not only was I in the BEST physical shape that I could be in, but I was in the BEST place mentally. The workouts that Cliff killed me with gave me so much confidence. This confidence overflowed into my racing and I was able to get in the mix with the best of them!

Race day in CDA started at 3:30am with a nice breakfast of hot rice cereal, Justin’s almond butter and a banana. I stretched, ate, braided my hair, and considered what I would wear for the cooler temperatures that awaited me. 30′ prior to the race, I went for a nice ten minute run to get my…

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June 21, 2009

IM Coeur d’Alene Update

Dear family, friends, sponsors, and blog readers,

As all of my regular blog readers already know, I have been experiencing tachycardia (rapid heart rate) during my races. I have never experienced this in training, but on race day I have had these episodes last for 5 minutes and for 40 minutes. During these episodes, my heart rate shoots up to 198 to 210 beats per minute.

Today, after running five miles at a comfortable pace, with an appropriate heart rate, my heart rate shot up for over minutes. When Michael found out this was happening, he altered the medical team on course, and they met me just past the mile nine marker. After stopping and standing still for a few minutes, the heart rate actually increased. The medical team pulled me off the course, and drove me to the medical tent at the finish line. Michael rode along with me, as I was scared.

Arriving at the med tent, I began to hyperventilate, as I was not getting enough blood flow, and I was a bit panicked. A team of medical staff carried me into the tent, where they were able to calm me, warm me, and comfort me. My heart rate finally fell to 100 bpm, after one long hour.

We consulted with Dr PZ Pearce, the medical director, who gave us two possible diagnoses, and asked us to contact him Monday to help determine our plan of action.…

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June 16, 2009

This was taken from
Don’t forget to watch online this Sunday!!!!

Ford Ironman Coeur d’Alene Preview

Shawn Skene reports on the Ironman that takes place on the longest day of the year
Published Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The seventh edition of the Ford Ironman Coeur d’Alene will take on Sunday, June 21. That date also denotes the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest day year. For some of those completing the 2.8 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26 mile run, no truer words will have been spoken.

The race course is “post card” beautiful and challenging and accompanied by the outstanding support of volunteers and the community. It is no wonder this race has become so popular and placed on many athletes “to do” list.
The race swim consists of a two-loop swim in the pristine waters of Lake Coeur d’Alene. The mountain-fed waters of the lake can make the swim be on the cool side this time of year.

A double-looped bike course demands that competitors remain focused throughout the day. There are a number of false flats, descents, climbs and technical turns healthily sprinkled into the each loop that require a cyclist’s full attention, or time can be lost.

The run is an out-and-back course that is repeated twice. Again, there are several false flats and gradual ups and downs for competitors to deal with. Runners can quickly bog down if…

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June 8, 2009

The REV3–my race report.

After traveling all day from Austin, I met ML at the Hartford airport Thursday night. It has been about two weeks since seeing each other and I was really happy and excited to be reunited!

I had just finished my final big block of training in preparation for IM CDA. I was tired and I was a bit sore, getting off of the plane. This was a fully loaded field with some of the best short course, 70.3, and ironman girls on the list. I think just about every single girl on that list has some sort of title. I was careful to not put any expectations on myself. I had a few personal reasons why I wanted to race the REV3. And after discussing everything over with Cliff and with ML, I decided to line up with the best of them on Sunday morning…

After I had made the commitment to race, I did everything that I could possibly do to get ready for this race which had one of the deepest, strongest fields…including taking two ice baths before Sunday…lol!

I tested myself a bit on Friday and Saturday to see how my body was feeling. I wanted to feel like I was race ready. My energy was good…really GOOD! But my muscles were sore. After talking to the boss man, I felt a bit of relief. He was happy and I think a bit surprised to hear that…

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May 30, 2009


After another long, hot, day of training, I stopped at the quickie market for another load of ice for my third ice bath of the week. This has been a big week. In fact, I believe that it has been my biggest week EVER…and that says a lot.
The gentleman behind the counter at the Quickie Market, who has gotten to know me the past few days, asked me today why I needed so much ice…I bluntly said…oh, I plan on bathing in it. He snorted and said “why on earth would you do that…is it because it’s 95 degrees? Are you just hot?” I kind of explained to him that I had been doing a lot of training this week…and that I wanted to use the ice to help my legs recover for the next big day. I also explained, while sitting there hungrily, that I felt that the ice helps reduce inflammation in my legs….blah, blah, blah. He then asked how long I had trained today and I bluntly (again) said 6 hours. At first, he thought I ran 6 hours (he was very impressed!)…then when I explained that I biked and ran a total of 6 hours, he scoffed at my 6 hours and said that when he lived in India, he would ride his bike 10 hours a day. Hmmmm.
I felt the need to ask if he still rode his bike…he said no.…

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May 20, 2009

The Columbia Triathlon

The third weekend of May is always a busy time in Baltimore. There is so much happening with Preakness, Bike Jam, and…the Columbia Triathlon.

We all race for a variety of reasons. Some folks race for the money. Some race for the love of sport. Some of us race to have a reason to keep training…doing a race can be a goal!
For me this particular race has special meaning. I raced the Columbia triathlon this past weekend because I consider this race a home coming. I race this race because I love supporting race directors, Vigorito and George Alterie. I race this race because it gives me a good excuse to visit my family and friends. In fact, 50 of my family members and friends come out to cheer for me. I race this race because it has a challenging bike and run. I love everything about this race.

I arrived in Baltimore Thursday afternoon sans ML so that I could hang with my home girls and do girl stuff. ML arrived Friday night. After picking him up, we did a little meet and greet over at the Sheraton with Chrissie and Terrenzo. It was pretty fun. I had never met Chrissie before. She is really as cool in person as she is in interviews and on TV. Definitely a pleasure meeting her!

Saturday ML and I did our pre race stuff as usual. And as usual we…

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May 20, 2009

Triathlon Tragedy

I’ve been wanting to write my race report from last weekend in Columbia, Maryland as I like to get it out quickly so I do not lose the rawness and true feelings behind my race result. However, I have been feeling less than inspired as I have had other things on my mind…

A few days ago our friend, previous coach, and mentor, Dave Scott was hit by a car while riding his bike. From what we understand, he has a few broken bones and is in Vail right now getting pieced back together. We are wishing him a speedy recovering and we are sending him lots of healing energy his way!

Hopefully Dave will be back on his bike soon and I look forward to hearing his banter at Flatirons pool!
I guess the part that is disturbing to me is the amount of people who are writing into the “Daily Camera” (our Boulder newspaper), expressing their uninformed opinions. Such opinions include that it was Dave’s fault because he did not have control of his bike…PUUULLLEEAAASSE! These simple people really have NO IDEA. I am glad that the 61 year old driver received a ticket, however, I wish that more people were educated on bicycle laws. And I wish that more people would use more care when they drove…just a thought…

Today I have been in a bit of a funk. If you are a triathlete and if…

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May 19, 2009

back at casa fred

I’m in Austin hanging at Casa Fred’s house. Love the FRED!

As of last Wednesday, the plan was to return home to Boulder after the Columbia Triathlon. However, after getting a bit of counsel from CC, ML and I decided that it may be in my best interest to stay in Austin for a two more weeks. Fred has been extremely generous to offer me a room. And I am extremely grateful!

Altitude is a tricky thing for me. I seem to always get some sort of sickness when going up while continuing to train hard. With IM CDA being only 5 weeks away and with me being in the thick of IM training, it seemed like the smartest thing for me was to stay in Austin, in my routine, until my taper started. I miss ML…but ML and I plan to reunite at the REV3 in only 2 weeks. REV3 will be my final race before IM CDA. With my main sponsor putting on this race, I felt the need and desire to race it. I also want to test myself one final time before racing an Ironman. I feel like I have figured out a lot through racing this year and I want one more opportunity to learn before CDA.

So there ya go…that’s the plan!

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May 5, 2009

Some thoughts about last weekend…

I have some final thought about last weekend that I’d like to share…

***We have been staying with the same homestay, The Isherwoods, since first doing this race back in 2000. Michael and I have really enjoyed watching their children grow up over the years and we have so enjoyed being a part of their extended family. I forgot to give them a shout out on my race report yesterday. One of the major reasons that we go back to St. Croix each year is because of them :)!

***My husband is a true champion. ML showed up in St. Croix with a broken bike. His frame was cracked…and we had a “oh shit” moment…After all, we are in St. Croix.
However, Kestrel was awesome. They sent him a frame right away…within 24hrs. ML spent three hours, taking every single part off of his old frame and putting it on his new frame with very limited tools on Thursday night. He had some issues with his old seat post, however, he used half of a coke can as shims on race day so that it would not slip. The new fork that went with the new frame was a bit short. Not to worry…he used the old fork. All of his good effort and intentions still didn’t help the fact that he was riding a newly built bike within two days in a race. During race day, his cassette…

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May 4, 2009

St. Croix–race report

Michael and I are getting ready to leave beautiful St. Croix in only one hour.

However, I wanted to give a short race report before some of my memory and some of the details from the race are clouded. I enjoy writing my race report within 24 hours of race finish. Sometimes if I wait longer, my immediate and raw feelings are lost…

I awoke race morning at 1am, unable to go back to sleep, eager in anticipation for race morning. I had been waking up at 3am for the past 3 days. Despite the early wake up times, I believe that I was very rested for this race. My need for sleep was not really there. I felt ready!

As I lay there, patiently waiting for the alarm to go off at 3:45, I thought about the day that was ahead of me. I had talked to Cliff and ML about what to expect on race day. We talked about my training. We talked about making our own luck happen. We talked day the sort of day that I would have if I raced like I train. ML and Cliff have so much confidence in my ablity. I never believe ML when he tells me what he believes what I can do. After all he is my loving husband.

The truth is that I am a realist. I know my abiltiy and I am not delusional. It’s important for…

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