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Amanda's Blog

September 7, 2008

Ironman Wisconsin

This is Michael posting, as Amanda is pretty upset at the moment, and does not feel up to writing a report. I’m sure she’ll get around to posting something later this week, but I wanted to let everyone know the gist of what happened up in Madison today.

Amanda was off to a strong start through the swim and first couple hours of the bike. She was doing everything she could to ensure that she had a good race, and she followed her nutritional plan to the tee. However, at two hours into the ride, she began to experience some severe indigestion, and realized that she was no longer absorbing what she was taking in. As this has happened to her in training, she took the necessary precautions to see that she reversed the trend. Sadly, these steps did not seem to be working as they had in training.

Her pace slowed dramatically for the next two+ hours, as she was unable to take in anything but water. She figured that the gastric emptying would speed back up with the significantly reduced intensity/ speed. However, by 4 hours 30 minutes into the ride, she new she needed to take in some more calories, as she was getting hungry. She did her best to consume enough food/ liquid to prepare herself for the marathon.

Once out on the run, she realized that things were going to get worse. The large window…

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September 1, 2008

Race Ready….

Feel the strength! (Doesn’t Luna look impressed:)

Feel the speed! (Actually Luna looks bored with me)

6 days out…and I am race ready!!!!

My tummy is finally feeling better…YES!!! Thanks to some powerful digestive enzymes and probiotics, I am feeling better than ever.
The good news is that coffee is NOT the culprit to my recent tummy problems. After all, I only have about a half a cup a day. Sadly, however, Diet Coke has been officially eliminated from my diet. After drinking the shit (and yes, I know it is shit) for about 18 years, I have finally said good bye to a dear friend.

The other tummy news is that I have realized that my body works extremely well with sugar. After all, my race food is clif bloks and gatorade. So after about a week of eating no sugar, I realized that was a stupid thing to do. I’m back on sugar…and I am better for it.

I am excited, happy, and totally enthusiastic. Two of my BFF’s are arriving in Madison on Friday to support and cheer for me. However, as I start packing my belongings, I realize that I am going to be missing four important people (yes, I said people)…Michael, Luna, Blue, and Frisky!

Michael: always working…


Blue: he’s a little camera shy…

I think every one knows…

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August 28, 2008

Bryan Rhodes

This interview is from Slowtwitch. It is about my BFF and (sometimes) training partner Bryan Rhodes.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

Written by: Herbert Krabel
Date: Thu Aug 28 2008

Kiwi Bryan Rhodes has been around the triathlon world for 16 years now and just a few days ago recorded his 4th Ironman title. Meet the man with the big smile and a very determined attitude.

ST: Bryan, you just won Ironman Canada in a very impressive manner. Can you talk us through your race?

Bryan: I came into the race with a game plan and it went pretty well. I had a slow start to my swim and lost the lead group that I wanted to stay with but it made me focused. I rode strong and didn’t know how much time I was getting on the group behind. I would have liked 10mins but came in also knowing I could run a 2.55, that’s as hard as I wanted to run. So think I will have to go to more Ironmans with strong game plans.

ST: So far you have 4 Ironman titles to your name. Which one of them do you cherish the most and why?

Bryan: I cherish them all, as they are very hard to come by. The guys’ fields are always tough, but I really have special memories of my 1st win in Malaysia and also my…

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August 26, 2008

Random Crap…

Here is a recap of the weekend….

ML was away this past weekend in Canada commentating for Canadian TV and working for NA sports during IM Canda.

I had a nice weekend of training which was capped off with a computer virus that I got on FACEBOOK…very annoying!!!! It started off innocently enough by me trying to open a video from my friend Chip. You see, the topic was, “i see your naked ass in this video”. I thought for sure my college days were coming back to haunt me. In any case, when I tried to open the video, the virus attacked my address book, sending a porn video out to everyone that was really a virus.
So if you are one of my “facebook friends” and you received a “porn” video from “me”, I did not send it to you. It is a virus. DO not open it!!! Jawad, computer dude extraordinaire, came over to work on my computer for about 5 hrs on Sunday…There wasn’t much internet watching last weekend of IM Canada. However, I was stoked to see my BFF, Bryan WIN!!! And I was excited to see Tracy have a great race and for Des to get her slot to KONA…yeah for them!

Mr. Shorts is finally home. Mr. Shorts is ML. We have little nicknames for each other…I am Mrs. Shorts…don’t ask….

Frisco (our 27 pound cat) is in major trouble (again). He…

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August 22, 2008

Things that I LOVE…

Today I was thinking….Michael isn’t here and I think a lot:)….

In any case, I was thinking of what inspires me…the things that I love, the people who make me happy or inspire me. I was thinking of workouts that I just can’t miss because I love the workout so much. I was thinking of how I am blessed with an amazing husband who inspires me every day to be better….lots of things were bouncing around in my head this morning as I did a mild 30′ run with my dogs at Dowdy Draw…another one of my favorite running trails.

So here is a list of things that I love…in no particular order:

1. my husband. Michael is my soul mate, my partner in crime, and my best friend. He makes me better, therefore making my life better. If you hate me, you hate him (and vice versa) because we are one in the same. ML feels everything that I feel. We always love the good stuff. It’s always awesome.
I’m more emotional and sensitive than he is (yes I am sensitive, despite my hard east coast exterior). And he always tries to make the stuff that hurts me go away.

2. my dogs…luna and blue. (I love frisco too). My dogs are my best buddies. They go on runs with me. They listen to me sing bad songs to them. They kiss me and love no matter what,…

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August 21, 2008

Brief update…part 2

Just to let my friends and family know…I’m not racing the Irongirl sprint triathlon in Columbia, MD this weekend. As much as I would LOVE to go race another one of Vigo’s races and as much as I would LOVE to see DG-Racer, and my home girls, I just can’t travel again before IM Wisconsin. I am so bummed.

I did tell George A. two weeks ago that I would not be racing, however, I think he was hoping that I may change my mind as he never took my name off of the start list:(. Sorry for the confusion!

I look forward to some Baltimore action possibly in November. I am so missing crab cakes!

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August 21, 2008

Whirlwinds and update

Ok…so the last three weekends have been a whirlwind, especailly for Mr. L. The whirlwind first started with Stephanie and Big Hayes’ wedding in Saluda, NC. We were home for two days before Michael had to board another plane for Timberman with his BFF Simon. Simon and ML were third and fourth repectivley. Timberman is one of the best run races in North America and I encourage any one who is looking for a half ironman in August to race this event. In fact, every race that Keith seems to put on is always a first class event!

Yesterday, after being home for another two nights, ML boarded another flight….this time to IM Canada. Unfortunately,however, while checking in, he discovered that he forgot his passport. OH NO!!!! He missed his first flight. Then I drove out to airport (in my cycling clothes as I was getting ready for a longish ride) as fast as the forrester could go to deliver the passport…He owes!
ML will be working this event. He will be doing commentating for Canadian TV and he will be working with the pro-athletes along with Heather Fuhr. (If any one understands the need of pro-athletes before a race, it’s these two folks!). Not only will ML be doing these two jobs, but he will also be working with sponsors of the races, making sure that all of their need are met.

In the mean time, between…

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August 12, 2008

My favorite meal

After a long hard day, the last thing I want to do is cook something. Usually Mr. Lovato picks up the slack and cooks. However, when we are both too tired, we rely on this favorite created by our friend Monique Ryan.

1-3 (depending on your appetite) cups of brown rice (we usually cook a pot of it on our day off)
2 scoops of guacamole or 1/2 of an avocado
3 scoops of salsa
6-10 shrimps

Mix all of the ingredients together and voila…the perfect 1 minute meal.

We like to put the above mixture in a few corn tortillas.

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August 11, 2008

Back in town…respect the travel.

This time last year Michael was writing his training plan for KONA. He traveled to all of the NA sports races for work last year and he felt the need to try to cram in everything around the dates that he traveled…especially around Ironman Wisconsin.

He sent his training plan to his “yoda” (PNF)to get an idea of what she thought of his plan. ML thinks the world of her and he knew that she would give him some honest feedback. I don’t remeber exactly what she said when she saw his schedule, however I think her feedback was some sort of hysterical laughter while asking Michael if he was CRAZY? Michael sort of chuckled and wondered to himself…really?

Paula’s biggest comment was that Michael had to respect the travel. Travel takes a lot out of you, especially when you are in training. In PNF’s opinion, the amount of training that ML wanted to do with the amount of travel that he had to to do would spell disaster in KONA. Michael trusted Paula’s opinion and followed her plan, only to finish in the top 10 at KONA….Lesson Learned!

Since then, Michael has been extremely careful about training too much before and after travel. In fact, after we arrived home Saturday night, Michael reminded me yesterday while I was on my way to swim with the girls (who were swimming 5k)… to only swim 3k…respect the travel.

I have to…

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August 5, 2008

Leaving for N.C.

Just in time for an easy week of training….
ML and I are leaving for N.C. tomorrow. Stephanie, ML’s sister, is getting married this Friday…and we are celebrating!
No blogging until I return (Sunday)!

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