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Amanda's Blog

December 28, 2007

Friday Group Run

This morning is 6 degrees, feels like -13. I hope people show up this morning for the group run. However, if Michael and I are the only ones there, I don’t blame any of them!

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December 27, 2007

One difference between Michael and me.

Yesterday, before our run, Michael could not figure out what he wanted to wear. It was 15 degrees outside, “feels like 3″, as the Channel 9 weather man likes to put it.
For me, I wear an undershirt, two long sleeve shirts, and a medium weight running/biking jacket. Sometimes I wear two pair of tights.
So as I thought about what works for me, I suggested to Michael that he wear an undershirt, one long sleeve shirt, and a medium weight jacket. I thought that it would be the perfect amount of clothing for him. I guess I forgot that Michael has an internal heater in his body and what I think might work for him, does not. By the end of our 45 minute run, I had found Michael waiting by the car without a shirt on. He felt like he was in Miami…as in Miami Florida. He was so overheated, he was basking in the 15 degrees, feels like 3, as if he were at the beach. I, on the otherhand, was happy with my hat, 4 layers of clothes, wind proof gloves, etc. There was NO WAY that I would take even one small layer off of my body!
One week until we go to Austin…Can’t wait.
With all of the snow that we have, I am seeing glimmers of last years Boulder…ACK!!!

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December 26, 2007

The day after

Yesterday was the most relaxing day…ever! Michael and I slept a lot of yesterday and we enjoyed watching the snow fall.
Today is back to business as usual:). Dan’s clients want to see more homes today or tomorrow and I have clients coming in from Mississippi on the 27th. I am busy on Boulder’s MLS system trying to find homes in the Broomfield area that are suitable. I have to say, I have enjoyed looking at homes in Broomfield the past few weeks as it has a really great community, with views, without the Boulder price tag!

I am wanting to go for a run this morning, however, the 15 degree temperatures with “feels like 6″ are a bit daunting. Now that we have the Austin trip coming up, it makes the weather a bit more manageable. Michael and I keep saying….Only a week to go! With temperatures highs in the low 30′s and with more snow on the way, we are so excited for some warm weather!

I hope that everyone had the Christmas or Holiday that they wanted. And I hope that it was stress free and love filled!

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December 25, 2007

Dreaming of a White Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
This morning Michael and I woke up to a lot of SNOW!!!! I know my KIWI friend, Fee, is LOVING this right now!
We plan on spending today snowshoeing in Chatauqua Park with Luna and Blue. Other than that, today will be really mellow.

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December 24, 2007

That’s IT!

The weather here in Boulder is COLD!!!! We have been really good sports about it. We have been doing a lot of running, gym stuff, and swimming (outdoors). Even when it was 3 degrees, I didn’t complain.
However, we have come to the conclusion that our hopes of having a mild winter are probably not going to happen. Michael and I are going to Austin after the NEW YEAR to do some big riding and to thaw out!
Dan (my partner) arrives home around the 3rd. So we can’t leave until he gets back as I have his clients and my clients that I am taking care of. Just to let my bloggers know, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the perfect time to buy a home. You wouldn’t think so, but sellers are eager to sell their homes and buyers can usually get a good deal if they find the perfect home for them. In fact Michael and I bought our home 2 days before Christmas.
In any case, we are taking our dogs to Austin. I know my whippet, Blue, will be excited as he doesn’t have much hair. He gets cold easily!
Merry Christmas EVE!!!!!

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December 23, 2007

Run with the girls….and Michael

This morning we arrived at FAC at the early time of 7:30 (10 minutes after sunrise) for a long run. It has been really cold these past mornings, but I’m trying to stick to a schedule so that the days don’t slip by me while nothing gets accomplished. It’s so easy to get side tracked at this time of the year.
We went to Brooke’s Solstice party last night and I had received a late night e-mail from her regarding our morning run. Basically the jist of it was that she would most likely not be there. To my delight and surprise, Brooke was the first one at FAC!
It was great catching up with the girls on our run. We tried running on some of the trails as I am anxious to show them my 15/16 and 18/23 mile loops. However, the trails are still in bad shape. There is so much ice and snow. In fact, there was a Lot of slipping and sliding going on. Kerrie was exceptional on the ice. I think so does so well because she is Canadian. The rest of us were hopeless…especially me. I’m just such a safety sally!!!
Sunny was her usual chatty self. She kept the run going. On our run around Cherryvale, we managed to see Michael running the other way. As we bumped into him, he warned us about a possible sight that we probably…

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December 22, 2007

Showing homes

Dan, my business partner, is out of town until the 3rd of January. So this is my opportunity to help him out. Dan and Jen are usually picking up my slack when I am out of town. I’m showing 5 homes in the Broomfield area today. Should be FUN!!! Today the high is 23 degrees, so I can’t imagine I will be missing exercising too much!

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December 21, 2007

Friday morning run

This morning we had a nice group of people show up for the run group. I guess warmer temperatures and no snow is a great factor in bringing more people out.
We did our 15 minute warm-up followed by 4 x 10 minutes at tempo pace with 2 minutes easy in between. Today Sunny and I had Kerrie Wlad with us. Kerrie, despite being a little unfit, is such a tough, competitive girl. We started at the bottom of the hill at the REZ. I was breathing out of my ass. Kerrie and Sunny were chatting along. I knew I had to save my energy for my legs. I didn’t talk at all. I just focused on keeping my tempo pace at the right heart rate range. During the first ten minutes, Michael passed us and seemed to put 50 meters on us in 10 seconds. I just can never believe how fast Michael is. Running with him puts it into perspective. After the first ten minutes we did a easy 2 minute jog, regaining our breath and took off once again. During this time, I was taking inventory of how I was doing. My breath was out of control, however, my legs felt really good. My heart rate was about 155-158, which was again, pretty good. Kerrie and I pushed each other as we turned left on Neva Road. Sunny was feeling the stresses of moving and…

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December 19, 2007

RIP Momma Kitty

Michael and I have been members of Flatirons Athletic Club for the past four years. During our time there, we have made several friends….including Jane Scott’s cat, Mamma Kitty. The cat wasn’t really Jane’s cat. However, Mamma kitty had been an unofficial mamber of Flatiorns Athletic Club for 10 years. She lived outside and was always very welcoming when I came to the pool for a swim. MK was always first on deck at 6am to greet me before workout. I obliged the welcome with some pets and feeding kitty food that Jane and some of the other members of the club had bought for her. About three weeks ago, Jane found MK dead in a small ditch behind the fence of the pool. Not knowing and not being there for the past several weeks, I inquired to Jane where MK was hiding. I knew immediately that I had put my foot in my mouth. Jane told me where she had found her. I was so sad not only for MK, but for Jane. Jane loves animals so much….probably more than people. I hated making Jane feel badly. I just couldn’t believe that MK had died. It was so random. According to Jane, she was healthy and doing great. I just hope that there wasn’t any foul play involved in her death.
In the meantime, I am sending Jane lots of good energy and I am encouraging good behavior…

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December 19, 2007

Perfect Mix for your Skin

While winter is well upon us, I have been thinking of a tip that I gave my friend Fiona yesterday regarding face protection from the cold, Boulder weather that I thought I would share with my readers.
My favorite mix to protect my face from wind, sun, and cold is aquaphor mixed with clear zinka, mixed with cetaphyl moisturisor. My face isn’t 16 years old anymore and it’s important to wear sunscreen and protect it at all times especially in Boulder where it is cold and DRY!!!!

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