With only nine weeks to go, baby girl is the size of a PINEAPPLE. You can check out her progress here.

I have been taking very nice walks everyday with my main homegirl Luna Lovato.  We normally take these walks first thing in the morning, and I have I really come to love this part of my day.   Sometimes it’s just Luna and I alone, but sometimes we have guest walking partners, which is great!  It’s been a nice way for me to catch up with the good friends in my life.   So far guest walking partners include Jasmine, Katie, Melissa, Sammy, and Zoe.

Naturally, I have continued to buy some great gifts for Baby Lovato, so she has every adorable item that she needs.  Often Luna does no realize these presents are for the baby, so we allow her to test them out.

Here is a picture of Luna testing out the baby’s new babiators.  #Lunaapproved


Here is a picture of Luna on Baby Girl’s bunny seat. Everything in her mind is  ”Luna sized”. :)


I am a little concerned at how fit Luna seems to be getting. I just hope that she isn’t too disappointed after the baby is born because she won’t be getting her hour plus walks for a few weeks post birth.  Unless ML takes over all of her morning sessions.

Recently eating out has become a challenge. I just do not enjoy it the way I used to.  I can’t eat large portions, and if I do, then I feel sick and my stomach hurts for hours. My skin and stomach just ache from all of the stretching.  Another downside is that sitting for a long period of time is uncomfortable.

I do love, however,  that baby girl is growing so well and so big.  Her feet are already 6cm long and she is weighing in at whopping 4 pounds according to her latest ultrasound on Tuesday. From recent 3D pictures, we could see that her cheeks were nice and plump. Our doctor keeps telling us how strong and how healthy she is, and we are so grateful for that!

Here is her latest ultrasound picture: (8/20/13). I can see a glimpse of  Gillam in her. :)


In other news, we closed the sale on our home today, which makes us truly feel like that we are closing one chapter of a book and entering a new one.  Our new place is spacious and lovely. We could not be happier, and we know it’s going to be the perfect place to bring our little girl home.

Things I miss: lying on my stomach, running sub ten-minute miles, running for more than 3 minutes at a time, and my size 25 jeans.  But I know I’ll have plenty of time to enjoy those things after Baby Lovato arrives!

9 weeks to GO!