This week-

**The baby and I are at 38 weeks-looking strong and healthy! We have two weeks to go until we hit our due date.  Michael and I have been debating if she will be a Libra or a Scorpio. She is as big as a pumpkin and I have gained 29lbs so far. In the meantime, Michael continues to lose weight. :/

**Mornings are my favorite part of the day. Luna and I go for a little walk and I get a bit of work done. After 12, I turn my phone off. My energy slips away and I usually nap for 2-plus hrs. Times have already changed. I never took naps in the old days for fear of not being able to sleep at night. Insomnia is not an issue now. In fact every third day or so, I can barely get off of the couch to fetch dinner.

**Comfortwise-some days are better than others. My belly itches like crazy despite the enormous quantities of coco butter, or oils that I put on my stomach. I think I have four different brands of belly butters. However, coco butter seems to be the best and the least expensive so far.

**Michael and I have our fingers and toes crossed that our daughter waits to arrive until at least Sunday. Michael is in Kona this week, working and commentating on the Hawaii Ironman. Lucky for us there haven’t been any signs telling us that she may come any time soon. My friend Jasmine has been staying with me this week to help me around the house and to help out in case anything (labor) happens.


**Tonight is my final birth class. These classes have been instrumental in educating us in what to expect when expecting..I feel a world better now (informed and empowered!) about what is going to go down in that delivery room.

**The hospital bag is nearly packed. Notice the Cliff bars. Michael was told that he would need snacks…why bring one or two when you can bring a box?? LOL!


**Our daughters closet is much better than mine or Michael’s. My friends really know me and have been generous enough to give our daughter all sorts of clothing for the next year. She will be decked out in pink, leopard print, and fur. :)

IMG_3858 IMG_3872

Our daughters due date is October 24th. I couldn’t resist and I got her first halloween outfit.


**I wrote a love letter to our daughter. Every time I read it, I cry. It took me ten minutes to write and it comes from the very depths of my soul. I’m not sure when I will share it with her…maybe when she hits her terrible teens or when it seems like she hates me the most…I just want her to know how much Michael and I already love her and how much we want her.

It starts out like this…

Strong and Healthy has been our theme since hearing your heart beat 6 weeks after conception. Being older parents, there are many risks to having children. And we feel so grateful, blessed, and lucky to have you. At 13 weeks we thought we had lost you…

We can’t wait to meet her…2 weeks to go!