Going into this race, I was unsure of my fitness. I had been sick for 5 weeks in November and December. And I had not finished a race since August. There were a lot of “what if’s” going into this race. However, there was one thing that I knew I had to nail…and that was my race day nutrition.

After taking several months off from racing and enduring a lot of GI testing with my GI doctor, Dr. Dolan, I felt ready to race. Without his help and patience my career would be over. We did a lot of testing and we tried a lot of different things using trial and error…”thinking outside the box”. Thank you Dr. Dolan!

The week before, I really “let loose” with my eating habits. I couldn’t help but feel like I was on vacation being in Chile. Michael and I were well taken care of by the race organization and I could barely peel myself away from the dessert bar at the hotel buffet…lol! Not to mention that the Chileans don’t start dinner until 9pm…sometimes 10. Michael and I fell into the Chilean lifestyle easily.

The day before the race I did manage to restrain myself somewhat from the hotel buffet.

I did however make myself eat a large “breakfast” at 11am. “Dinner” was at 4pm.

Race morning, ML and I overslept. Our race start was at 8am. We hoped to be up and eating by 5am, however, we did not start breakfast until 6am. Breakfast consisted of 1 large yogurt with a 1/2 scoop of pre race, 2 packets of Justin’s almond butter, and a rice cake (about 400 calories).

10 minutes prior to the race, I had a vanilla GU (100 calories). I sipped on water all morning long until the race start.

On the bike, I did not start eating until 30′ into the bike. This allowed my heart rate to settle after transition and it allowed the blood to flow to my legs instead of my stomach right away. Over the course of the bike, I had 350 calories of EFS liquid shot that I sipped on intermitently. I drank 32 oz of (1 scoop) lemon-lime EFS coupled with (1 scoop) carbo pro (total of 208 cal). After finishing my bottle @ mile 44, I drank water only. I ate half of a banana (50 cal) about 90′ into the ride. Yes, the banana was stuffed down into the top of my splish suit for 90 minutes!

During the run, I grabbed an on-course gel at about mile 7. I only took a “taste” from it (maybe 25-50 calories). At mile 11 of the run, I had another “taste” of on-course gel (25-50 calories). I had approximately 600-700 calories during the entire race. I did not have any GI issue or any bonking issues. In fact, nutritionally, I did an excellent job.

Interestingly enough, I feel that by consuming all of my First Endurance product on the bike, it enabled me to get through the run using the product they provided (so I did not have to carry anything with me while I ran). To me the FE products really seemed to set me up for a very strong run, which was definitely where I was able to win the race!

I will have a full race report up in the next day or so.

Thanks for reading!