Today is Memorial Day. Memorial Day in Boulder means Bolder Boulder! The BB is a very competitive 10k road race. There are 45,000 people that participate and after the race, there is a elite race in which they are invited to race for money.
I love the Bolder Boulder. It has been a while since I raced it (2002), and I really wanted to do it this year. After getting some advice from Roch, Michael and I signed up for it on Saturday. I love racing road races so much. They take me back to my running roots. After signing up, I went to Boulder Running Company, (my favorite running store, ever) to buy some super light racing flats. Michael always laughs at me when I do that. I always tell him, however, that it’s mental to have very light flats. I didn’t want to wear my marathon shoes.
Even though we raced this morning we still had a full weekend of training. I did my long run at Switzerland trail on Saturday and yesterday we rode for 2 hours and swam for 90 minutes. (Ironman training!)
I knew that with my lack of quick turnover on the track that the 10k would be a pure strength run. And that it was! The last time I ran the BB, I ran 38:15. I went out in about 5:15 pace for the first mile and thought i was going to die at mile 4. I totally thought that I would not make it to the finish. This year would be a lot different though as I knew that I was strong and I didn;t have that same sort of fast “snap” in my legs.
This morning started at 6 am for me. I couldn’t wake up with Michael at 5:30. I had my staple breaky of Oatmeal an hot tea and then did a 10 min run around my home. After returning home, I put my super light racing flats on along with my race number. At this point it was 6:40 (our race started at 7am). Michael and I were frantic, trying to get to the race. We put our timing chips on and bolted out of the house for another 1.5, to try to get to the start. I was running my race pace! Finally arriving with 2 minutes to spare and pissing off a bunch opf people as I weaved through all of the different waves, I took a deep breath and looked for Michael. He was nowhere to be seen. I kept on thinking to myself, I hope he made it….
The first mile felt easy. I went through in 5:44. I thought to myself, good, just run with my head for the first 3/4 of the race and run with my heart for the last 1/4 of the race. This seemed to be my motto, which is really good for me, because in the past, I would race as hard as I could from the front. That strategy didn’t always work for me:). I couldn’t belief how quickly mile 4 came. At this point, I started to really run hard. During the entire race, I had been passed by girls, except after mile four…I thru down as hard as I could. I could tell, that I was really strong as a lot of the hills didn’t hurt and I felt like I was flying up them! As i came into the stadium, I raced as hard as i could to try to break 38 minutes, however, I would have to settle for 38:10 today. That was a great time considering how hard the BB course is where my 10k trainingis. Most of all it shows how far I have come since 2002. Even though I ran about the same time, I was unable to walk for about a week and surely couldn’t do a cooldown in 2002. This time, I cooled down about 30′ and my legs feel good.
At the finish, I saw Michael. I was so happy to see him as I never got a chance to see him start and was unsure if he was even able to start with my wave. He was a little disappointed with his time of 34:50, however, he was quick to remember that he is a Ironamn athlete and he does different training than the guys winning this race. After all, our race had elites from all over the world competing.
Now that we are finished with our tempo run we plan on going for a little swim and then a 2 hour bike ride. We would also like to watch the elite race at 11:30 today. This is my favorite race to watch!