This is Michael posting, as Amanda is pretty upset at the moment, and does not feel up to writing a report. I’m sure she’ll get around to posting something later this week, but I wanted to let everyone know the gist of what happened up in Madison today.

Amanda was off to a strong start through the swim and first couple hours of the bike. She was doing everything she could to ensure that she had a good race, and she followed her nutritional plan to the tee. However, at two hours into the ride, she began to experience some severe indigestion, and realized that she was no longer absorbing what she was taking in. As this has happened to her in training, she took the necessary precautions to see that she reversed the trend. Sadly, these steps did not seem to be working as they had in training.

Her pace slowed dramatically for the next two+ hours, as she was unable to take in anything but water. She figured that the gastric emptying would speed back up with the significantly reduced intensity/ speed. However, by 4 hours 30 minutes into the ride, she new she needed to take in some more calories, as she was getting hungry. She did her best to consume enough food/ liquid to prepare herself for the marathon.

Once out on the run, she realized that things were going to get worse. The large window of time where she took in nothing on the bike had done its damage, and she felt herself bonking repeatedly. The pace was slow, as she figured this would also help her to absorb some calories; however, this was not the case. She again attempted to use all her tricks to help her deal with the lack of absorption and indigestion, but nothing seemed to help.

With ten miles to go, she did not know if she was going to be able to finish. She had been walking and jogging up to that point, and the final bit seemed daunting. Fortunately, she had some really great friends out on the course (Angela, Theresa, and Roger), and they attempted to cheer her up, all the while keeping me updated. (Thanks, guys!)

She made it to the line, relieved to be finished, but extremely disappointed to have had a fourth consecutive Ironman go badly.

Amanda will bounce back, but at this time she is definitely in the dumps. As I mentioned, her report will surface eventually, so thanks for checking back in.

In the meantime, unless you are a registered dietician, a highly accomplished exercise scientist, or an otherwise highly educated bad ass, I would request that there be no comments regarding what “might have happened” or what she “should have done.” This will help Amanda get over things more quickly. :)

Thank you all for supporting my amazing wife!