One of my absolute highlights of our trip was my morning run with my black Perro. It didn’t matter what time I decided to go for a run, my black, furry dog was always waiting for me outside of the hotel. Luna would have been SO jealous. This particular dog was very young, probably homeless, but well taken care of. I always felt so guilty going back to the hotel and leaving my perro behind after our run together. He knew that he wasn’t allowed in the hotel..and more than once, one of the staff member’s chased him off. :(

One of the things that I love about Pucón is that all of the homeless dogs are well cared for by the locals. From what I saw, there were not any starving dogs hanging around. I really liked that.

Friday brought a little more swimming and biking. ML and I could tell that we were feeling better and better with each passing day from the jet lag.

We did some press/media stuff which was pretty cool. ML spoke Spanish. I spoke English.

I met a young, Argentinian fan in the grocery Store, named Priscilla. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Amanda and Priscilla

Priscilla was getting ready for the kids race on Saturday. She is 11 years old. We became great friends by Sunday evening. :)

On Friday, ML and I had the PRO press conference and the Pasta Party which was loads of fun. It was really awesome to meet some of the other athletes that I would otherwise never know because we don’t race in the same region. I found myself extremely nervous, however, during the press conference. I was more nervous than usual, and I am unsure why. I thought that it may be because  the primary language was spanish and I did not know what was being said around me, and I could not play off of what was being said. Again, ML was translating everything for me…my hero!

Pasta dinnerThe food was absolutely fabulous. So fresh!

The ProsML and I look like giants amongst the other pros.

I saw Chrissie hanging out, so I decided to giver her a kiss:


Michael and I finished out workouts early so that we could support the kids race on Saturday. The enthusiasm was awesome. Michael and I LOVED being a part of it.

Kids awards

The kids were awesome!

ML and I with sponsor girls

ML and I with the HOT Sponsor girls. :)

Stay tuned for Part 3: Race day!