Michael and I have traveled the world, especially in our years of being triathletes. We have been to some pretty extraordinary places, Pucón being one of them. When we were offered the opportunity to return this year, we could not refuse.

Our travel started early  Tuesday morning at 4am, January 10th. Our first stop was Miami. Since it was early in our adventure, our excitement was high, and we had a 6-hour layover, we decided to find some good Cuban food in South Beach. ML and I love Latin foods. I especially love green plantains.

Puerto Sagua

ML checking out the Menu

Love those plantains!

It felt great to eat a healthy meal before our flight to Santiago.

Our flight to Santiago was uneventful. We tried to sleep as much as possible, but it really didn’t happen. One of the lessons that I learned is always try to sleep on a flight/trip lasting this long. I really wish I had brought some ear plugs and a Tylenol PM…or 2! Waking up and trying to function as a normal human being was absolutely BRUTAL.

We arrived in Santiago 9 hours later and 1hr 30 before our flight departed for Temuco. It wasn’t enough time…With customs and immigration, we narrowly missed our flight which resulted in us standing in line for another hour to switch flights. One thing that I am extremely grateful for is that ML speaks Spanish beautifully. He always manages to get out of a pickle. Some day I will learn Spanish! ARGH!

We managed to get on the next flight to Temuco, which was uneventful…except for again narrowly missing this flight because security found a CO2 in my bike box…whoops! In Temuco, we were greeted by a driver/van. While ML was reporting a missing bike box to the airline, I allowed a man to help me put our bags in the van. I was so tired, I didn’t even think of a tip, however, he didn’t let me forget. :) And because I only know a few words in Spanish, I asked him to wait for Michael. Again, ML to the rescue!

We arrived to beautiful (and warm) Pucón in one piece. We were a bit tired, but we were so happy to finally be at our destination, 30 hours later. It is one heck of a trip!

Our viewThis is our view from our bedroom

I'm exaustedTotally exhausted…

After a nice 2hour nap, ML and I had a wonderful dinner at the Hotel and settled right into Chilean life. The last time hat we were in Pucón, we missed a lot of what the town had to offer. We didn’t want to miss out this year. We took advantage of the late sunlight and checked out the town.

On Thursday ML and I did a short bike ride…

…with Ben Hoffman! Not the best picture of Ben, but it will have to do…

One of the coolest things that I didn’t know about Ben is that not only is he a bad ass athlete, but he is fluent in Spanish. He lived in Argentina for 7 months. I was so impressed!

ML and I had a great time hanging with him and his Padre!

They look alike, huh!

Swimming in Pucón’s crystal clear water was an absolute treat!

We got our freak on!

Muchas Smoochas!

I told you that the water was crystal clear. :)

Finished with the swim!

Stay tuned for Part 2!