It’s 38 degrees(feels like 29)and snowing in Boulder. While it isn’t perfect training weather, it is perfect blogging weather :).

Michael has been really busy with the business side of “Team Lovato”. I think it’s safe to say that he has been on the phone or computer from 9am until 6pm every day since arriving home last Monday. I am SO EXCITED about our upcoming 2010 season! We just finished planning out our 2010 races and securing some of our 2010 sponsors…good times!
ML managed to sell about 50 percent of our garage (triathlon and bike goods) at the Velo Swap yesterday in Denver. Considering that we had about 80 percent of our garage for sale, I think he did pretty well! If anyone is interested, we still have 3 bikes for sale (tt, road), a couple of wetsuits (WS, MMS), some components, aerobars, and a few helmets (S, L)… It is amazing what we can accumulate over a couple of years! Contact ML through his website if you want a “screamin’” deal.

While our dogs are doing great, Frisco, has been dealing with some teeth issues. I was told by my vet that he needed a dental cleaning and some possible extractions. Our cat is 13 years old and fairly overweight (22pounds). I was a bit nervous about having him “put under” as there is always a “risk of death”. Frisco came out of the surgery ok. But he did have 4 teeth extracted. Apparently these teeth were infected…poor guy…and the vet fractured his jaw while extracting one of the teeth….ugh!

While I’m glad that he now has healthy teeth, I have to add that my cat has never been in so much pain as he is now. His quality of life was pretty good before he had his teeth removed. Although it’s hard to imagine if he was in any sort of pain before the surgery, I do know that he is in a LOT of pain right now. Seeing him in his current state has been breaking my heart. ML and I have been diligent about giving him his pain meds and antibiotics. But I can’t help but wonder if it was worth putting him through this sort of pain. I am hoping that after a few weeks, I won’t feel so guilty about putting the Frisk through this… :(

I’ve been doing pretty well. I took about 6 weeks on/off of training. What I mean by that is that if I got one workout in per day I was stoked. This week, I have been amped to get to “work” again. With the prospect of a some new sponsors, and a very exciting 2010 race calendar, I have been more motivated than ever! However, it is very apparent to me how out of shape I am right now…yikes! It’s a wonder to me how fast I seem to lose fitness!

I’ve been in and out of doctors offices concerning my GI since June. I have another GI test next week. This test includes inserting a tube up through my nose, down my esophagus. I have to wear this during a 10k running race. I’m not exactly sure what this test is testing for…maybe the pH levels of my reflux, and how it coincides with my incidents?? Not sure. In any case, I am glad that we are finding answers and seem to be getting closer to a solution.

I am so grateful for all of my sponsors that have stuck by me and that have continued to support me. There have been times where this whole GI thing has been extremely frustrating.

We leave for Austin in approximately 5 weeks. Our first race is Pucon 70.3 in Chile, Jauary 18th. I find it easier to get into shape FAST at sea level…especially with the warmer weather. Weather and training partners are everything!

Ok…It looks as though the snow has stopped falling…time for a run!