Last weekend I went to San Juan, Puerto Rico for the 70.3 event. I have traveld through Puerto Rico several times with my honey, Michael, while traveling to St. Croix. However, I had never spent time in Puerto Rico. I arrived  Wednesday (the race was Saturday).  I had an amazing homestay with my new friend Alma (and her dog Pimpa)!  Thanks to Ramon for the introduction! My friend,  Ramon Serrano really took care of me in Puerto Rico. Not only did he find a rad homestay for me, but he showed me some Puerto Rican culture as well! I bet none of the other pros can say that they had “organic” chicken from the ghetto. ;)

I felt super ready for race day and I was excited to see where my fitness was against a field of strong women. Derick from Durata training has been instrumental in helping bring my fitness back to where it needs to be. Derick’s attention to detail regarding pacing, watts,  and metal training,  has enabled me to avoid getting overtrained and be more consistant over the past few months. Derick is incredibly passionate about the sport and about his athletes. I feel so lucky that he has taken me on this year. Despite feeling ready for race day and despite feeling fit and ready to go with an awesome coach by my side, my race did not go as I hoped. I have been struggling with my breathing for the past several months since changing asthma medication.  At mile 8, my breathing became increasingly difficult and then I felt my heart rate surge. By mile 10, I was forced to stop racing in order to get control of my breathing and heart rate. Within a few minutes of sitting in the ambulance, I felt fine but the adrenaline had zapped my body and I was unable to continue .

Since this is not the first time that this has happened, I am not taking this lightly. I am currently seeing my allergist in Austin to get my breathing back under control and will be flying back to Boulder to see a cardiologist before I decide to race again. I feel like it is the smartest thing for me to do at this point. In the meantime, I am training (better than ever).  And I am eagerly awaiting the next race (hopeful by May/June). And I am extremely excited that the race season is never ending these days…

The good news is that with authority I can say that my race nutrition is 100 percent dialed. My First Endurance plan allowed me to handle the heat and humidty with ZERO problems: Race day Nutrition: Breakfast: 2 banana’s with 1 scoop of ultragen, 1 justin’s nut butter, mixed with green tea. 1 cup of oats with raisins. Bike: 1 flast of EFS liquid Shot with a 32 oz bottle of grape EFS. one 20 oz bottle of grape EFS. Run: 2 gels with tons of water and orange slices.

Thanks to my many awesome sponsors who have had my back: TRAKKERS, REV3, AVIA, KESTREL, Derick at Durata Training,TYR, Zipp Wheels, Yurbuds, SPLISH, BOULDER RUNNING COMPANY, First Endurance, Jack and Adams Bike shop, Louis Garneau, ISM saddles, and Cycleops POWER….and my awesome husband, ML: I couldn’t do what I love without you!