Today has been much cooler than earlier this week. We have had passing thunderstorms and the temperature has dropped to the low 60′s. I am so glad for it too!
The stroke and stride was really fun last night. We had perfect weather and there was a huge crowd of people participating!
Michael and I got there fairly early which is not “normal” for us. Michael wanted to get a longer swim warm-up in….I, however, didn’t really care about warming up. But because Michael was eagerly “warming up”, I felt like I should do something. I jogged around for about 10 minutes and I felt terrible! I thought “oh my goodness, maybe I shouldn’t do this tonight”. I am so tired!
I did it anyway and I am so glad that I did. It’s a good workout, no matter how tired you are.
The swim started out really rough. This was partly due to my friend Antonio who I swim Masters with at Flatirons. Antonio is a eager, young guy from Maryland (which is why I feel the need to take him under my wing instead of strangle him). He really wants to race ITU and has been working extremely hard in his swimming to reach the ITU standards.
In any case, Antonio swims so rough because his stroke is everywhere. He hit me in the head, the shoulder, the back, the eye. He pushed me all the way to the outside. I was ready to grab him and punch him. I kept my cool as best as I could and let him lead me out of the the first lap. During the 2nd lap, I swam on the left of him again….big mistake! Even though I was trying to get away from him he always seemed to be “there” pushging me to the outside. Finally, I got away from him and found a better line to take. As I was “free” of Antonio, I saw my friend, Mel floating on her back. This being her first stroke and stride, I was a little concerned and slowed to make sure that she was alright. She was ok and I I started to go fast again. Unfortunately, this was a mistake on my end. Antonio caught me and started slapping my feet. I kicked as hard as I could to let him know that he had better stop touching me….or else! As I lead him out of the water, he outsprinted me out of the water into transition. He beat me out of transition and I was MAD!!! Antonio probably had 10 meters on me and he kept looking back at me to see where I was. I saw this as a sign of weakness and decided that I was going to attack! I knew that I was super strong on the hills and I decided to surge. I caught him on the dame and he kept on trying to surge on me, but to no avail. Now I was really ready to kill him. All of this surging crap was going to have to stop sooner or later and I was ready to put a nail in his coffin. Sure enough, right before we hit the 1.5 mile mark, I dropped him to the point of no return. I ran home free of Antonio and to another stroke and stride victory!
I have to say, Antonio really pushed me to a good run. I ran the fastest 5k last night in the last 2 years (18:19). And I look forward to more battles with Antonio!