What the heck sort of vegetable is a Rutabaga anyway??  The first definition that I saw on google gave me this… and it made me worry that it wasn’t a veggie at all! Thankfully she is only going to be this size for one short week.  I would much rather think of her as something more appealing…like a sweet little peach. :)

Cool things that happened this week:

Michael felt her kick for the first time! YAY! At least now I can share some of the experiences that I am having with him.

When I see people now, they actually know that I am pregnant. At almost 7 months, I really look pregnant. Some of the perks of being pregnant include being offered a seat when there isn’t one available. That was really awesome while traveling back from the east coast last weekend.  I was also offered free food! ML, my brother and I were at the Walnut Cafe waiting to be seated when one of the owners specifically asked me if i needed anything…juice, bread, etc. I told her that I thought I was fine, but that I bet my husband was hungry…she said that he would be fine waiting the 20′, but she was concerned about me because I was pregnant. YES!

I have to say that I am really enjoying being pregnant this week. All restrictions have been lifted and I am even starting to run a little bit. My workouts are as follows: walk 10′, run 1′ three times. It feels weird to run again. My joints and ligaments are not the same and it just feels strange but I am really enjoying my one minute runs! Something is better than nothing.

When I swim, I am swimming up to 1500 meters at a time which I am so pleased and excited about.

I never realized how much better life would be with a little bit of added exercise not only for my physical being, but for my mental being.

I saw my doctor this week for my 4 week check up. All things look great and baby girl’s heart is pumping at a very healthy 155 bpm. And I have gained a whopping 18 pounds at this point. WOW! Michael asked the doctor if I could drink coffee…her response was why on earth would you give it up?!? LOL! I am up to a a 1/4 cup now and life has never been better. :)

I had to take a test for gestational diabetes with this gross stuff below. Lucky for me, I am in the clear and I am super healthy…nothing to worry about!


I met with my super awesome doula (coach) this week to talk about the different classes that ML and I would have to take to get ready for this little munchkin. It is a little overwhelming, but ML and I are up for the challenge!

Only 91 days to go until game time!