If you are a somewhat frequent reader of my blog, then you know that I have had some issues with getting a “comfortable” fit on my SCOTT bike. Not only did I have an uncomfortable fit on my bike, but my pink saddle, as pointed out by the fine folks of SLOWTWITCH and my good buddy, Karen Holloway, made me look like I had a PENIS and it rubbed my SPLISH suit off to the side and my lady bits would always slide out to make an unwanted appearance…Oh GOD NO!!!!

Needless to say, after IM Florida last year, it was time to make some changes…..
Here is some background….

Last year Michael and I, after receiving my new SCOTT TT bike, decided to change my position to be more “forward” and more “aero”.
In the past I have ridden on my sit bones with a more laid back position. With changing me to this somewhat radical position, I had some issues with quad cramping. It probably was one of Michael’s and my worst technical decisions.
After IM Florida last year, I consulted with my other premier bike fitter, Ryan Ignatz of Colorado Multisport. I love Ryan. We dislike the same masters swimmers and we actually used to hate each other until we realized that we had the same opinions of certain “anonymous blog commentors”. In any case, he is an awesome X-TERRA athlete and Boulder’s finest bike fitter. My nickname for Ryan is Lord of Lady Lips. He saves women from unnecessary bike pain. In any case, after Florida, I needed to change my position and we managed to put my position somewhere in the middle of where I had been riding for the previous 9 years and where I had been riding for the previous 4 months with a saddle that didn’t look like I gigantic PINK penis that didn’t allow my lady parts to slide out.
Since my fit, my biking had been good since Ryan changed me to a more relaxed position, however, my lady lip pain had increased. Even though I was riding 3-4 times a week, my va-jay-jay was not “toughening” up and unfortunately, my private life had taken an unlikely turn.
I kept thinking to myself: how on earth am I going to race in my trademark “Splish” suit with this sort of discomfort?”
I also thought that maybe it was the different sadlle. In any case, I need to do something about it. I couldn’t handle it anymore!
I marched myself to Jack and Adam’s Bike shop here in Austin yesterday. These guys are passionate about what they do. Zane Castro is the MASTER Bike Fitter at J&A’s and I have known Zane for about 8 years as he has fitted me on just about every bike I have ever owned. After arriving at J&A’s, I told Zane about my “issues”. He checked out my bike position, asked lots of technical questions that I didn’t know the answer to and consulted with Michael and I for 90 minutes to 2 hours. We tweaked a little here and a little there. Mainly we moved the nose of the saddle down a mil and VOILA….I rode today knowing that I can again wear a SPLISH suit and knowing that my private life will be back to normal. Thankfully, my Va-ja-jay is in tact and unscathed! A big thank you goes out to Zane! I encourage any woman who is having “issues down there” to consult with Zane so that you don’t have to go through months of unnecessary chaffing and bruising.