Robert from First Endurance asked some of his athletes to share their race day nutrition plans. Through a lot of trial and mostly error, I have developed my nutrition plan. Here is my “typical” day before and race day plan.
My First Endurance Nutrition Plan:
70.3 Racing.

Two days prior to racing, I tend to stay light on meat. I try not to eat wheat, dairy, or gluten. I have had a long history of having GI related problems, especially while racing. And I have tried NUMEROUS nutrition plans. However, I find that if I stick to a very simple plan, close to 3000 calories per day, two days out, I feel the best and preform my best.

Here is my typical “Day Before The Race” diet plan:

Breakfast: .5c Hot Rice Cereal
Agave Syrup or honey
1c of coconut milk

Snack:      4-6 rice Cakes with Justin’s Nut Butter
Blueberries, raspberries, or melon

Lunch:      Turkey Sandwich with mustard on Gluten free bread or an Udi’s bagel. Avocado, lettuce, sprouts, etc.

Snack:    Cappacino Ultragen Smoothie (2 scoops) with Cherries, 1.5cups of vanilla coconut milk, and ice.

Dinner: 2-3 cups of Rice Pasta with Marinara sauce
An Udi’s bagel

Throughout the day, I sip on Lemon Lime EFS. While exercising, I sip on Vanilla Liquid Shot and Lemon- Lime EFS.

Race Morning:

Breakfast: 1 Udi’s Bagel, 1 packet of Vanilla Almond Butter by Justin’s.
.5 cups of Hot, rice cereal.
(about 800 calories total for breakfast)

I usually drink about 50 plus oz of water. After drinking a bunch of H2O, I switch to Lemon Lime EFS for the rest of the morning.
Typically I stay away from coffee/caffeine race morning. I have a hiatal hernia that sits on the top of my stomach that seems to “relax” or open up when I ingest caffeine. This usually causes uncomfortable acid reflux…which makes it hard to swallow/eat food, especially while on the bike.

10 minutes prior to the swim, I try to take in a big gulp of EFS liquid Shot. Sometimes, if I am feeling hungry, I will even grab a energy bar. That sort of hunger has only happened one time, however.

After getting out of the water and onto the bike, I start drinking out of my Torhans drink system which carries about 20 oz of Lemon-Lime EFS. I only have about 100-150 calories in that front aero system. I usually finish that within the first 45′-1hour.
At 30′, I start sipping on my Vanilla EFS Liquid Shot.
I usually finish a 70.3 bike portion in 2.5 hours. During that time, I have about 50 oz of EFS Lemon Lime, 20oz water, and 1 flask of Vanilla EFS liquid shot.
Depending on my energy level, the bike course, and the weather, I typically take in 500-800 calories on the bike.

On the run, I always start with my EFS liquid shot flask. I try to start taking sips from it after about 10 minutes or after I get into a nice rhythm. I never seem to get through the entire flask in 13.1 miles. I tend to have half or 2/3′s of it. I drink water during the entire run portion.
I usually do not pick up on course drink but I will sometimes grab an on course gel. (I typically take in 200-300 calories on the run). It just depends on how I am feeling…

When I am all finished, I try to find my FE bottle with 2 scoops of Ultragen. I will promptly fill this with water and chug. :)