I have never posted a run from my Garmin before on wordpress. I was playing around on garmin connect this morning and thought I would give it a try! I was hoping that the cool maps from google or Garmin would pop up on the blog, but apparently it does not.

The Dirty is trying to show off his BIG Lats!

Here is our workout from today:

29.5k run along Rez with Jaz and GG by aglovato at Garmin Connect – Details.

The Dirty was pushing the pace today. He has been killing the bike sessions…and the run sessions! He is becoming a bit too strong for me to train with now. This usually happens this time of the year…Being a a full time working guy, husband, and dad, Dirty only has so many hours during the day to train. The summer brings good weather and added sun light…which helps his Ironman training! It’s about that time for Dirty to start training with ML…:( The dirty and me getting ready for mags!

(These pics were actually taken at Magnolia last week. We were running late today…)

Rez time with Jaz!

The above picture is from the Rez. This is my other training partner, Jazmine Oeinck (AKA Jazilla). Jazzy is a native of Colorado and the part owner of Bulumu Granola. If you have not tried her granola, you better get some. It is sold in a lot of the Natural food stores in Colorado (especially the Boulder area, including Whole Foods!). Not only is Jaz a granola cooking enthusiast, she is savage on the bike and she can make ML work during swim workouts! Jaz will be making her half distance debut this fall!

A lot of people ask me where Dirty G$’s nickname came from….My answer: I honestly do not know. Dirty’s real name is “Glenn”. I love nicknames. All of my favorite people have one. Example: Michael: ML (or Mr. Shorts…again I’m not sure where the nickname comes from…maybe its come from him wearing the pants in the family…not sure…). I nicknamed Jasmine, Jaz, Jazzy, Jazilla….

Back to Glenn…Last  year, I gave Glenn the nickname: Super G. I think I nicknamed him this because he flies on the bike…This year, I came up with Super Dirty…Not sure where the dirty came from. Glenn is not Stinky or Dirty…but he does have lots of tattoos…then I added the $ sign…Again…I’m not sure why….I’m sure Glenn will have a few other nicknames next year…:)

Training with these two athletes brings the best out of me. I always leave workouts with a smile on my face. We have lots of laughs and good stories all the while, bringing out the best efforts in each other.