For the past three days, I have felt like death.

I woke up Friday morning filled with great energy and ready to conquer the early 6am “BOMB RUN”. While my energy was good, my body was trying to tell me something…it was getting sick. I ignored my symptoms thinking that I had eaten something a little “off” the night before. Sometimes, in the past, when I have eaten something a little “off”, I expel a bunch of foul smelling turds and I’m all good again. However, after seven minutes of running and three pit stops, I knew that something was wrong. But I kept on telling myself that I was ok, because my energy was ok. I was happy, energetic, and stoked to train. I kept on telling myself, it’s just mind over matter. After a nap and after finding my hubby who was without a car after the bomb run, we had a hearty breakfast at Magnolia. I felt pretty good and my “issues” were over. I knew it…mind over matter. I kept telling myself that my tummy was just a little upset because of the early morning run time and last night’s dinner…well, I thought this until our Barton Springs swim one hour later. After taking twenty minutes to put my wetsuit on and after swimming twenty minutes, I was peeling that thing off as fast as possible and rushing off to go again…YIKES!

Again, I though it wasn’t all that bad. After all, I only went number 2 seven times before noon…oh yeah…that’s “normal”…LOL. In any case, I went to go see Jess, massage therapist extraordinaire. I had a great massage and then ML and I were off to Magnolia again for lunch to meet one of his friends and clients, Doug J. As soon as lunch was over, I was over. ML immediately took me home. Where I traded places between the toilet and the bedroom. I was SICK and there was no denying it now.

By Saturday, ML was encouraging me to try to go for a ride. I don’t know what in the world he was thinking. Hell, I couldn’t even get out of bed to take the dogs for a walk. I was really, really sick on Saturday. ML came home at 3pm. My poor doggies, who had not been out all day long…not even for a morning piss, just laid patiently beside me, never complaining. I think they knew that I was in pain. ML immediately took the dogs out, made me a rice crust pizza and called his sister Stephanie, who is a Physician’s Assistant in South Carolina. After eating the pizza and getting violently ill all over again, ML finally got in touch with his sister who gave me strict instructions: “Do not eat anything solid for 24 hours. Drink Gatorade or ginerale. If you want to eat something, eat jello”. Oh my…

At this point, I was desperate and I followed her strict instructions. While I was extremely weak, I was no longer in turmoil. Thank goodness! My Sunday was spent starving, and bleaching the entire house. It was worth it!

Poor ML, he was so convinced that he had the stomach virus on Sunday, which is apparently extremely contagious, that he cut his long run short. He ran a total of three miles before he was sure that he had “it”. He spent the whole day in bed sleeping, not eating, and waiting for something to happen. When “it” didn’t happen, he determined that he was just really hungry and that he had better eat something…lol! Women are so much tougher :).

With all going well with me yesterday, today, I was allowed to eat toast, bananas, rice, and applesauce (yuck). I am on the up and up…and excited to be among the living once again!