I’ve been a little distant from my blog lately. ML and I have been really busy getting our life together in Austin…organizing, settling, etc. Sorry. But to be honest, there hasn’t been a whole lot going on…well besides “TEVA” man swimming next to me at Stacy Pool…another post for another time…LOL!

Cliff has also been kicking my ass daily. And I haven’t had as much energy lately. Every single day is a new adventure with Cliff…and I love it.

About a month ago, I was HATING training. It was all I could do to get out of the door. The weather was consistently COLD in Boulder and I was miserable! There were days that I ran at 1pm hoping for the warmest part of the day, which was 16 degrees!

However, being in Austin has helped changed that bad attitude around. I love training… in 70 degrees. I find myself smiling all day long. It’s funny how the weather has an impact on workouts for me. And lucky for me, I didn’t miss too many workouts in December. I have come to Austin in much better shape than last year.

I think Cliff was really smart with my training in December. First of all, he really listens to me. I didn’t do big hours and I didn’t get crazy with missed workouts. Basically, he just got me going again. Cliff knows that I’m a trainer snob and I won’t ride it for over 90′. In December, I had one workout a week on the trainer for 90minutes…LOL. He also encouraged the treadmill workouts once a week. I would trick myself every week and just tell myself it’s only one time and I can do anything one time;). Those two workouts per week, really got me going and helped me come into January with a little more fitness than previous years.

Coaching me isn’t easy for the average “coach”. For one thing, I’ve been in this sport 12 years. And the coach better know more than me! Plus, ML and I have had some of the BEST coaches in this sport, including Dave Scott, PNF, and Roch. Lastly, I’m a straight forward, east coast girl with lots of ideas. Sometimes coaches (or people) are intimidated by me or my thoughts. Maybe they just don’t “get me”. However, the thing that most people don’t realize is that I am always willing to look and listen to ideas that make sense. Cliff brings that approach to the Lovato table. And I am so loving it. Anyone doing any of his camps in March, will be in for a real ass kickin’ treat…LOL… not to mention Cliff has an extremely scientific approach to training! Seriously, you will learn a lot. I know this, because I have!