Being sick seems to be my common theme this year. This is sickness number 4 for me. I can’t believe it…Just yesterday morning I was feeling better and on top of the cold….and then I went downhill fairly quickly. I laid in bed from 12pm until 5pm yesterday. I only got out of bed to meet Dan (Heine) for a business meeting regarding our clients. Although, I think Dan wishes that he brought his face mask to the meeting….sorry Dan.

I swam this morning with Siri’s group. I’m fairly weak and I just don’t have any spunk. It was a dreadful 90′. After the swim, I met another client, with Dan, at Vic’s (my favorite meeting point with clients). Again, I think Dan H. wishes he brought his face mask. I tried being charming and funny, however, being sickly, I think I came off more hoarse and raspy. Thanks to Dan H. for pickin’ up my slack!

After arriving home, Michael suggested that I do the “house errands”…groceries, etc… I would have much rather gone back to bed. But Michael is in his heavy training mode at the moment and it is up to me to pick up the slack. I obliged.

So right now, I am just trying to get through this nasty head cold. Training is at a minimum. I have clients coming in town this weekend. I plan on giving out face masks before we do showings so that they won’t get sick. (JK). I suppose that it is better to get sick right after a race rather than before. Now I can focus on my Real Estate job this weekend instead of worrying about how little training i will get to do. I hope to be back on the schedule next Monday. However, I think Bolder Boulder may be out now…Boo hoo:(!