This morning Michael and I woke up fairly early anticipating the Wednesday morning group run with Dave’s group at Bow Mountain. I really like this run. The run itself is GORGEOUS and extremely tough. I really like the people in Dave’s group. In fact one of my favorite people, Brooke, runs with this group and I always love running with her. I’ve been trying to get her to run with me on Fridays or Sunday long runs, however, Brooke is a mom of three small children. She is a busy woman. She and her husband have certain mornings in which one of them watches the children. Wednesday is Brooke’s “free” morning. I was eagerly anticipating running with her.
As Michael and I drove to the open space parking lot, we both discovered that we forgot our watches. We were right on time….until we decided to turn around and go back home for them. By the time we got to the parking lot, everyone was gone. Michael and I hurried to try to catch the group, however, they were about 5 minutes up the road. Our fate was sealed when Michael decided to help a teenager unbury his car from the snow on the top of Bow Mountain. We never caught up to the group…
I was sort of bummed as I enjoy hanging out with Brooke and Dick (another one of my favorite running partners, although Dick is running way faster than me now), but there will always be another Wednesday:).
As Michael and I finished our run, we waited another 10 minutes for the group, as their cars were still there. We never saw them, so we went to Spruce Confections for Mochas and Scones…YUM. My gall bladder is pissed at me right now as it still isn’t right, but it was well worth it!
Thanks for reading!