Despite my best efforts of trying to be as hydrated as possible in dry BOULDER, I seem to always get foot cramps when I swim…especially in the 5:30am hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No-one knows this better than my lane mate, Mary.

I can handle the occassional foot cramp, however, today in the middle of our main set, I pushed off and immediately the pain radiated in my calf. It hurt SO BAD!!! ACK!!!! I thought Siri was going to have to jump into the pool and rescue me. I had to sit out on more than a few of our fifties, massage the calf, drink 32 oz of gatorade, & grab some salt tabs…dear god….

I couldn’t even finish the swim workout today:(. I know my CRAMP had to do with running this morning and not having enough hydration on board. So annoying…

Anyway, Siri warned me that it was going to be sore…sure enough I am limping around. Gotta hate the “CRAMP”!!!