Boulder is the only place I have ever lived where it can be snowing hard while the sun is shining.
This morning Michael and I woke up to about 2 inches of snow. We immediately thought to ourselves, why didn’t we book our ticket for last Friday? (We actually looked into purchasing a last minute ticket change last Friday, however, the cost was over $500). Waking up this morning to more snow, we were very tempeted to leave today despite the cost! With it being Easter, the flights are empty! In fact, I packed all of my stuff for IM AZ and got the house ready for our house sitter. I guess I’m ahead of schedule now. Considering that we spent 104 dollars for each ticket, we resigned to the indoor trainers. YUCK! No one hates the trainer more than I do. In fact, when I saw a picture of Lisa Bentley in Triathlete magazine on her trainer for 6 hours on a cruise…I thought God bless her! I know for a fact that if I were on a cruise, I would be drinking pina coladas!
I guess we have had 3 days of bad weather now. It has been unsafe to ride outside, but we have tried to have fun on our trainers by watching re-runs of the OC. Luckily, the time went by pretty fast.
Tomorrow is supposed to be 60 degrees…YEAH! I am so looking forward to it.
This is the most I have ever tapered for an Ironman. I logged in about 8 hours of training last week )partly because of bad weather and partly to give myself a good rest after the 70.3 race in Oceanside). I feel pretty good. My legs are a little achy from a lot of laying around, but I they felt good after running for about 10 minutes and biking 30 minutes.
I’m looking forward to IM. I have done 8 ironmans. And each one, I have gained experience.