I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to write the past few days. We have been going to internet cafes to log on and it has been difficult to find the time.
Our travel from Denver was thankfully uneventful and easy. We were bumped up to economy plus at the last minute from LA to Sydney and it was really AWESOME! I have never flown anything but economy before and this was a pleasant change.
I was so exctied when we arrived in Sydney (we had a 5 hour layover before continuing on to Perth). The weather was warm and it was a welcome change as the weather in Colorado was starting to get cold. We hung out with our Aussie friends, Bev and Geoff for a while before continuing on our trip to Bussleton. The only bad part upon arriving to Sydney was that we found out that our bikes didn’t make it….the joys of travel! We were assured, however from United, that they would make it to Busselton by Sunday (not likely).
Thanks to my friend Rob, we flew Business class to Perth (Now, that was AWESOME!!!!) The good part about Buisiness class is the food and the bad part about buisness class is the food!! Oh my gosh, I couldn’t help myself…Quantas gave us full candy bars!!!! And they gave us a whole cheese and cracker tray!! I couldn’t believe it. Usually, I don’t eat that sort of stuff very much, but my body was way off kilter, plus, I just couldn’t turn it down. Michael, on the other hand, recovering from his giardia and bacterial infections was unable to eat any of his. Poor guy….(he is lactose intolerant now because his digestive system freak out).
We arrived in Perth, got our rental, and started off for Busselton, which is a 3 hour trip from Perth. Thank goodness Michael was driving. I was absolutely no help to him as I was falling asleep the entire time and then getting angry when ever he tried to wake me up:) (I’m not a very helpful wife sometimes). It also didn’t help that we completely lost trying to find our hotel. We finally made it to the Peppermint Park and slept for about 12 hours!!!
The next day, I really wanted to try some exercise. I went for a 45 minute run and boy did I feel messed up. The run felt really good for about 5 minutes, but after that I was suffering! After our run, we headed off to town to find the visitors center. The visitors center was extremely helpful. They pointed us in the right direction for a pool and gave us tons of information on the city.
With all of our new found information, we had a lot of pre race errands to do. Our first mission was to find out about our bikes. This was not easy!!! In fact, this seemend to take all day!! Of course the airline doesn’t know where the bikes are and they tell us to wait….I hate waiting without information:). But sometimes you have to do what you hate and just deal with it….
Our next mission was to find a different hotel. If Michael and I want to stay married longer than this trip, it was imperative that we move. Our room at the perpermint park is my version of camping. The room is 250 sqft. The cooking was non existant and the bathroom was so tiny that….well, one might imagine….Plus the peppermint park is a “eco-friendly” park. I thought this might mean that we would see lots of native australian animals, but apparently this means that there are tons of mosquitos that chew the crap out of you in the middle of the night. Luckily, we found a roomy, more efficient place just 7k from the race.
By the time we finished with all of our “missions”, day 1 in Australia had come and gone.
Day 2 was a lot more uneventful. We spent the day on our phones trying again to find the bikes. Exercise was a lot more easy and we were able to swim in the pool…By the way, how cold is 20c? I froze to death in there!!
It’s Tuesday now, and I hope to send lots of updates as soon as I can. We are still looking for WI-FI, and I hope to get some picutures up soon of our adventures.
Thanks to all of you for reading about all of fun and mishaps:)