Today is awesome!
87 degrees! OMG…It’s amazing outside…simply perfect!
One of the things that I noticed about my training is that when it’s warm and sunny outside, everything seems easier and more fun!

Today is no exception. After 4/5 days of rain and 40-50 degree temps (yes, I have gotten soft), I was excited to swim at Barton Springs today with ML and James Bonney in the open, fresh, warm, air.

…What I mean by “swim with” these guys is that I start 10 meters ahead of them, wait for them to brush by me, and hold on for dear life (about 10-15 strokes…lol). It’s not easy training with pro men…especially these two. James was an All-American in the 1500m at U. Texas. He is no JOKE. He doesn’t swim a third of what he used to swim, but it doesn’t matter. The dude is still one of the first out of the water in any ironman. He really put the hurtin’ on ML today. But ML knows he’ll be better for it.

After our hour long swim ( my sprint) session, we jumped on our bikes…our transition was supposed to be 5′, but ML forgot to change out his stem the night before. Sorry Cliff. Transition was more like 20′…lol. James and I had a little food…waited for ML…always on Lovato time;).

Our next session was TT efforts at South Mopac. And, of course, I forgot my HRT monitor. I like my HRT monitor because I’m not so great at pushing myself to my limits when I ride alone….especially after a long run the day before. I get a little wimpy and think my legs are tired. LOL. In any case, I rely on it… especially when I anticipate what’s going to happen….get my ass handed to me. While I’m good at mixing it up with the girls or most age group men, I’m not delusional. ML’s 40k TT effort is almost 5mph faster than me. YES, ML can ride like a MO-FO.

The original plan was for me to hang on where I could and to just go balls to the wall…sorta blow… without blowing my wad. Well, that was accomplished. I managed to hang on for about 5′ of the 40k TT effort. ML and James averaged just over 28 plus-mph. Dude…
Despite getting my ass handed to me after about 5′, I was stoked. ML usually doesn’t “ride with me” unless I’m going 70.3 pace or faster. He deems it “boring”.

The next agenda was 2 x 25′ at 70.3 pace. Again, I just decided to try to stay on a wheel for as long as possible. Screw the 70.3 effort. I needed a training partner today. I managed to stay on a bit longer and to keep them in sight after falling off….YES!

After our final effort, we rode back to Barton Springs, fairly hard, as ML (always on Lovato time) was now late for his 2:15 massage…lol!

While ML was getting fluffed up, I was unloading the three loads of crap from our car, walking the dogs at dog heaven (Red Bud Isle), and cleaning the bikes. Then I checked out Downtown with Luna and Blue as the SXSW folks are all here. I was hoping to see a celebrity or maybe even Perez Hilton. Instead, I just saw the “night people”…you know, the LA types in tight black jeans, super white skin, and crazy hair. Gotta Love it. Yes, I had a motivator before the ride today…LOL! And yes, I feel GREAEEEEAAATTTT!!! RAH!

Going out for a run now! I think the motivator maybe dying off a bit….