Michael and I are in Hawaii and the past couple few days have been fabulous. The weather is hot, humid with afternoon showers. My training has been going well. I have been doing my training around Michael’s training. For instance, the other day he wanted to ride from Hawi back into town. So I did my hill run in Hawi. It was a refreshing change from running up and down Alii.
In all of my years of racing and watching Hawaii, we have never never had a brush with the paparazzi. Since Michael was top ten a few years ago, life as a professional changed for him a little bit, however fans have been more aggressive in recent years. Today we had a guy with a video camera hiding behind a tree filming us as we finished our swim in the ocean today. I noticed him almost immediatley (before I started to change my clothes). I told Michael that we had a “watcher”. As soon as Michael turned around to see him, he waved and ran into the bathroom. Hmmmm. Michael talks to anyone and everyone and I assure anyone and everyone that he is a friendly guy. So if anyone out there wants a picture with him, I will take the picture for you. No need to hide behind a tree and take video coverage.
Ok…that’s all for now. We have very limited internet, so I apologize in advance for the limited blog post. I hope to have more as the week continues.
Train hard!