The Boulder heat is here to stay for the summer! I know it’s all relative, especially for those of you that live in Texas where it really is HOT!. I really don’t mind the heat that much. However, I hate the fact that after a long day of suffering, my home is 88 degrees inside. I have been training really hard the past few days. And because our home is sometimes hotter indoors than it is outdoors, the only energy that I have left is to take a cool shower and eat a bowl of ice cream. Even my doggies are miserable.
We had the A/C expert over today to take a look at the problem. We relieved that the “problem” was minor and that we would have cold air in no time. Well…we did have cold air…for about 40 minutes. So here I am again with every fan in our house on me. My dogs are hiding in the basement where it is cooler. And I think Michael is in the garage with the bikes (also a lot cooler!).
I think I have become quite the wimp this year. In all of our rentals in the past 5 years, we never had a air conditioner. We did have window units for our bedroom so that we could sleep better, but I think that I must have been really looking forward to having a A/C with our new house because I just can’t get over the misery of being hot. You just can’t take enough clothes off to be cool!!
Michael got some new suits today from SPLISH. In fact, he wore a really cool Hawaiian print today at the pool. He loves the Hawaiian prints the best because they remind him of Ironman.
We have both been a bit tired lately. This weekend was really tough so far as training goes. It’s really funny sometimes how we both either have stellar workouts or crap workouts. For example, this past weekend, we both had less than great workouts. I think a lot if it has to do with the fact that we feed off of each other quite a bit when it comes to training. Mentally, it’s super hard to be excited to make your body work hard for the 3rd time that week.
Even though the weekend was tough, today was pretty good. I woke up excited to get on my bike and I had a great ride. After the ride, I had my favorite smoothy with lime juice and sorbet and went for a 90 min swim.
I am really excited about my swimming right now. My swimming is going really well. I attribute this to Anna Scott. She is an amazing masters coach. Since last November, my stroke has been out of wack (swimming 25-27 strokes per 25 meters). Even though I have been swimming fast, I have not been as efficient as I have been in the past. I have tried everything to try to find my old stroke and nothing has worked. Anna coached last Friday’s masters. She cares so much about all of the swimmers and really takes time to help everyone. After watching me swim for about 10 minutes, she corrected a few things. Now I am swimming faster than ever. (thank goodness…I need all of the seconds that I can get in an open water swim). I am finally able to swim (and kick their butts) with my old lane mates. Hopefully I will have a good swim in Lubbock that will put me in a better position to compete!
Thanks for reading!