The past week has been just awesome for me training wise. With HG in town this past week, we really pushed each others limits every single day.
Heather was a fantastic and unique training partner. She was fantastic in the fact that she was flexible and easy going. She was unique in the fact, that I have never had a training partner who complimented me on my efforts and who gave me so much confidence during training. But then again, Heather has nothing to prove to me. She has, after all, won 5 ironmans.
We had a great time together this past week. However, I’m on my own again as she is on her family vacation in Steamboat.
I have had some of the best training partners. Having training partners who respect your strengths and don’t try to take advantage of your weaknesses is important to me as I feel I am that way. (I think that dropping your training partner on an easy ride is a shitty thing to do…)
Last year, I had Katja and Karen. This year, I’ve had Heather. I feel so lucky to learn from these girls….After all, each and every one of them has won an ironman….