Lately my theme really has become the Muhammad Ali quote on Clam’s refrigerator referring to hating the training, becoming a champion, blah, blah, blah. (See previous post about Tucson). I really, really, really hate the training right now…

Usually I like training…a lot. However, with the recent negative temperatures (yes! It was negative 19 on Sunday when I woke up), my motivation has been slipping). It seems as though when the winter chill really arrives in Boulder, the dogs and I just want to curl up on the couch, drink hot chocolate, or go to Holiday parties (wine drinking!!), or eat nutella with “fluff”, etc. When this attitude of wanting to “hibernate” comes over me, my ability to train outdoors or even indoors (I really hate training indoors. I sort of equate indoor training to the gym rats or the aerobic queens), is no longer there. Inevitability, my ass gets bigger..haha!

Cliff asked me a few months ago how I felt about the treadmill…I think if I put my true response on here, I would offend some people. However, let’s just say that I told him that I didn’t like the idea of running on that thing…at all!

As a former track and x-country runner, I can promise you that REAL runners do not race on treadmills, therefore, we should not have to train on treadmills…haha!

All kidding aside, I STRONGLY believe that the treadmill is sometimes used by athletes as a crutch. I see triathletes all summer long on beautiful days, in the middle of the day running on those things…and I can’t help but think “WTF?”! I completely understand Mom’s who have time limitations, or folks who work business hours who have to run at 4/5 in the morning or 6/7 at night. Obviously, you have to do what you have to do. But I, personally, do not fall into either category. After all, the treadmill will never help push you along in a race when the going gets tough and your mind starts playing games with you.
As a runner my entire life, I think I may have run on the treadmill maybe 4-5 times in my 32 years of running. One of those particular times, I was paid to do it. And another one of those times I was in college doing lactic threshold testing at UT. In any case, I have never been a believer…

So this past weekend, Boulder had about 8 inches of snow, sub zero degree temperatures, and there was no sun in sight. I really got the winter blues…I can safely say that I was bummed out. I trained on Sunday for about 30′ in the outdoor pool at Flatirons, skipping my ride, and skipping my run. Mentally, I just would not/could not do the treadmill/trainer. To add insult to injury, the chlorinated steam on top of the water gave me a horrible gag reflex. I can safely say, I didn’t have fun. My only saving grace was that ML was there to help push me along.

Monday, I had jury duty for a criminal case…more on that later…long story short, I was dismissed…THANK little baby JESUS!!! (Obviously, I have been watching a little too much of Ricky Bobby on “Talegata Nights”). However, there was no training on that day either. Despite the sun shining, Boulder temperatures hovered around 3 degrees, closing the outdoor pool at FAC. Again it was too cold to run and it was too cold to ride…outdoors. And again, I was a bit bummed.

I sent Coach Cliff a note waiving the white flag. I think my e-mail said something to the effect, “ok…the weather really sucks and I’m ready for the tready workout”. I immediately received two tready workouts for the weak…I mean the week… haha!!

So yesterday I did the treadmill workout…70 minutes, 9.5 miles total.
I sent Coach Cliff my HR data, along with my detailed feelings about the workout. My description went something like this: “Cliff, I really hated every minute of this workout. In fact, I thought I would throw up after running on that thing. I felt like I was a hamster. I had to turn off my brain to become effective at running on the fucking treadmill….
…Can I do a treadmill workout once a week for now? I think it is possible that it can help me improve my fitness, especially during this cold spell”. (haha).
Ok…I admit it. I folded. But my emotions and opinions were so honest in my note to him. I did hate every fucking moment of that workout on the treadmill. But, the reality is that my options are largely limited at this point. And that fucking thing did give me a solid workout.

Cliff’s response was classic. It went something like this:
Amanda: “Nice work. I am so PROUD of you! You rocked it! Way to go! I promise you that the treadmill sessions will help improve your fitness”.

First of all, I love the fact that Cliff was proud of me. Seriously, it meant a lot! Believe it or not, even though I’m extremely candid, it’s important to know that I am sensitive too.
Besides all that, hell, Cliff is probably right. After all, I did nearly pass out from working my ass off on that thing. It’s better than what I could do outdoors right now as I would be running so slow because of ice and slush in my yak trax. He probably has a point.

Needless to say, Cliff and I are getting along GREAT! He doesn’t take my honesty, frankness, rawness, candor, etc. personally. I think he may even enjoy it…haha! After all, my honesty is never personal, even though it bites me in the ass at times. And my opinions aren’t always set in stone. I am always willing to change them as long as I get a good reason to…hence me doing the tready workout!

Ok…I’m getting off track…the point is that Cliff has figured out a way to use his jedi mind tricks to get me on that fucking treadmill and trainer…Obviously, he is figuring me out…

Anyway, 3 weeks ’til Austin. In the meantime, with Cliff’s help, I am trying to learn to love what I really hate…training indoors.
I hate a big, fat ass even worse, so I guess I have to accept the lesser of two evils:)!