Yesterday we woke up at a normal time (8am). In the past week, our bodies have been waking at 5am without any problem. I decided to take the day off with Michael and explore some of the region. Our original goal was to go to the Sheep Sheering down south and to see a famous lighthouse. The lighthouse was ok, but I wouldn’t do it again. But the sheep sheering was a definate plus! They have sheep shearing shows at 11am everyday. Plus they have a store with real ugg boots. I really wanted to check this out. I was totally unaware that the Ugg boots that i bought in America are made in China. I thought that they were at least made in Australia. I was totally bummed when I found this out. Unfortunately, we got to the sheep a bit late. We originally thought that the show was a all day show, not exclusivley at 11. The good news was that we got to feed the sheep on our own and we got to check out the goods made with Merino wool (including the original ugg boots). Feeding the sheep was definatley my highlight!! They were so cute and they ran so fast when we shook the pale of feed! They were practically climbing the fence to get to the feed! After feeding the sheep, we decided that we definatley wanted to come back for the show. I am hoping that we can do it sometime after the race. It was a definatly a plus to come late to the sheep sheering. We got a lot of attention and we got some tips on where to go.
The owner of the sheep and shop told us where we could find some live kangaroos. Michael and I traveled on some back roads and sure enough…we saw a whole herd of them!!! They were hoping all over the place!! I know that it is probably no big deal to the Australians, but we were completely delighted to watch them.
After our watching our ‘roos, we traveled further south to the Margaret river. The ride down was spectacular. There were lots of wineries that i am looking forward to visiting! Margaret River was really quaint and it sort of reminded me of Boulder. There were tons of little shops and such.
Today was a great day! My workouts this morning were AWESOME! I feel so good and I am so glad that we decided to come to the race a full 2 weeks early. My body finally feels GREAT! I think because I was sick… and with the travel, It has been a long time since I have felt the eagerness to race hard. I was starting to doubt myself and my ability. I love the feeling of my body being so rested that I could almost crawl out of my own skin. This is exactly how I felt when I raced IM Wisconsin. Even though I didn’t have the result that would have wanted there, my race taper was flawless. I knew this because I had a fantastic swim and a phenomenal bike. And I firmly believe that if the day was right for me, then I would have had a great run.
Tomorrow, I plan on doing a harder bike ride with some intervals and a ocean swim. Other than that, I plan on resting and starting to mentally prepare for race day!
Thank you for reading my blog and thanks for all of the support!