After posting about the treadmill on my blog last night, I started to reflect on my treadmill experience. Here are my random thoughts:

Bad things about the treadmill:
**I can’t fart in public. (Well, I could, but I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.) I was squeezing cheeks for at least 40 minutes. That can’t be too healthy!
**I am forced to watch or look at the tv (which was playing infomercials yesterday). (They were selling “colon cleansing products”…nice…just what I need, considering the farts that i was holding).
**The risk of getting sick. (There was a woman coughing on the treadmill yesterday…YUCK.) Seriously, people, if you are sick, stay away from the gym!
**I am dizzy for about 20 minutes after getting off that thing. No JOKE! My world was spinning!
**No matter how fast you run or how far you go, you never go anywhere.
**Luna and Blue can’t run with me:(.
**I’m never “alone”. And my thoughts are random!
**Signing in for the treadmill. I was lucky enough to not have to get off of it after the allotted time slot of 30 minutes. However, if the gym had been crowded, then my workout would have been compromised. However, is that really a bad thing;).

Good things about the treadmill:
**There is a bathroom only steps away.
**I work mutha’ fuckin’ hard on that thing.
**The temperature is always the same. I never get cold. And I only have to wear minimal clothing…always a good thing as my laundry gets out of control this time of year. Plus I sorta like being naked…
**I inspire my hubby to keep going. He knew he couldn’t get off that thing while I was still on there:)…haha!
**I can safely listen to my i-pod as loud as I want.
**I felt like I got a in good, quality workout as the treadmill never allows laziness. Besides, I had to report to my workout to Cliff and there were no excuses.

Well, I think it is safe to say that Cliff’s encouragement has helped me change my strong opinions of running on the treadmill. I still don’t like it, but I’m a believer that it will help you, especially in the winter months…
Happy Training!