Every year, around this time, I find myself in a routine after a long day of riding or an epic hard run. Here is a glimpse into my recovery:

1. Upon arriving home, I really have to remind myself to NOT sit down. Sitting down will be the death of me. If I sit down, I will either turn the computer or the TV on…and I will get SUCKED in. So sitting down is a big no no! Instead,  I visit with my dogs and make sure that they are ok and let them outside.

2. After I make sure everyone and everything is ok in the house, I grab a quick snack or blend a First Enduarnce ULTRAGEN Smoothie (I personally love Cappacino).

3. After I finish blending I jump in the car to stop by the local convenience store. I personally LOVE Thom’s in Austin or Lucky’s in Boulder. I buy about 4 bags of ice, a huge bottle of water, and another snack.

4. Arrive home: Turn the bath water on, dump the 4 bags of ice, throw some epsom salt in, put some neoprene booties on, pull on a sweat shirt, and turn on some tunes for about 15-20′. This is not fun (especially when it’s still cold outside), but I find it extremely beneficial and helpful for sore, tired muscles!

5. After drying off, I sit around the house shivering for about an hour. I make some more food. I will make myself a bigger meal including lots of carbohydrates and proteins to help the recovery process.

6. Lastly, I sit in my Recovery Pump boots. These things are bad ass…I feel the blood flowing up and down and out of my legs. Love it. How did I ever train without these things…??

I know that recovery is essential to getting myself ready for the next big workout which will either be later that day or the following day. If I don’t recover well, I don’t train well. If I don’t train well, I don’t race well….You get the picture! Happy training and happy recovery!