I got the “ok” from Dr. Oza a few weeks ago to start adding intensity into my training regime. He told me that it was time to stop being conservative and to start testing myself. I was a little nervous upon hearing this, but felt ready and excited with his “OK”…that is until I got the dreaded flu…which turned into a horrific cough and chest infection. YIKES! It knocked me out for a total of twelve days. The moral of the story is that you need to respect the flu.

After feeling fully recovered I decided to take Dr. Oza’s advice to moderately test myself.

This morning I did a little treadmill workout. And I have a feeling it is going to become one of my favorites as I progress. I started off with a 15′ warm up. I  started at 7mph building until my legs and breathing felt  good at 8.0MPH.

The main set is as follows: Incline at 1%. 10 minutes as 1′@8.5 mph/ 1′@9.0 mph. Keep in mind that my threshold heart rate is around 164. By the end of this little ten minute session, my heart rate was around the 157 range. I took 5′ easy at 8.0 mph. Then I did another 5′ as 1′@8.5/ 1′@9.0. Again, my heart rate was around the 155-157 range. I did another 5′ at 8.0, then cooled down for 10′ which totaled 45′ of total running time and 15 minutes of quality running.

I gave myself a goal back in November post surgery to race a half marathon at the end of February in New Orleans. I will make it to the start line.  I may be a bit slower than I am used to going, but I am so excited to be back at it. And I admit, these little moments of feeling good on the treadmill keep me running happy.

**If you want to try this workout for yourself, know (or guestimate) what your threshold pace is for 5 miles. Do 1 minute @ten seconds under that pace, then do 1′ at 10 sec above that pace five times. Take the 5′ recovery, and then do it again. This is  a great little tempo, threshold workout to keep you motivated through the cold temperatures and boredom of the “dreadmill”. :)

Happy Training!