Yesterday, before our run, Michael could not figure out what he wanted to wear. It was 15 degrees outside, “feels like 3″, as the Channel 9 weather man likes to put it.
For me, I wear an undershirt, two long sleeve shirts, and a medium weight running/biking jacket. Sometimes I wear two pair of tights.
So as I thought about what works for me, I suggested to Michael that he wear an undershirt, one long sleeve shirt, and a medium weight jacket. I thought that it would be the perfect amount of clothing for him. I guess I forgot that Michael has an internal heater in his body and what I think might work for him, does not. By the end of our 45 minute run, I had found Michael waiting by the car without a shirt on. He felt like he was in Miami…as in Miami Florida. He was so overheated, he was basking in the 15 degrees, feels like 3, as if he were at the beach. I, on the otherhand, was happy with my hat, 4 layers of clothes, wind proof gloves, etc. There was NO WAY that I would take even one small layer off of my body!
One week until we go to Austin…Can’t wait.
With all of the snow that we have, I am seeing glimmers of last years Boulder…ACK!!!