Dave Scott introduced me to “organic training” back in 2003 while on an epic ride together.  As we were hammering away, he came up beside me, encouraging me. He stated that we had ridden 37 miles averaging 21 miles per hour. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.  I didn’t realize until mile 102 that he didn’t have a computer or a heart rate monitor. He didn’t have any sort of techy device. NOTHING.  I later asked him how he knew how fast we were going, and how many miles we had gone after he recited our final averages to me…He just stated that he just knew it.  Dave has spent much of his life training and racing, getting in tune with his mind/body. He really “feels” the pace and effort. He has no need for garmins, cadence devices, or computers.

Too often we get caught up in our techy devices. We allow our minds to wonder, or to go blank on runs/rides because we don’t have to think about our  pace/speed/power anymore.  The garmin and power meter spits it all of this information out to us. There is no guess work. 

The fact is that our *new* techy devices  are really COOL. Triathletes especially love techy gadgets!  It’s really fun (sometimes;)) to measure one workout to the next. 20 years ago…shoot, 10 years ago, garmins, power meters, and i-pods were not available. And while I think they are all really cool and all valuable training devices, I don’t think that they are meant for every training BLOCK or every training session. It’s  important to get in touch with our bodies and to know what certain paces feel like without the gadgets.  You might find that you listen to your body a lot more often than you would if you were staring at your garmin or power meter the entire session.

During this off season, go out for a  run and leave your watch at home. You will be amazed at how many times you look at your “naked” wrist…:)