I just arrived back from the dog park. One thing I DO NOT like about walking my dogs on the greenbelt is the amount of dogs that I have encountered that are poorly trained or not trained at all.
Today Blue Dog was raped. And he is angry!
We were walking on the greebelt minding our business. Blue dog stays right next to me at all times. Luna likes to walk ahead and sniff stuff. However, when we aproach another dog, biker, or jogger, I command both of my dogs to walk right beside me. For whatever reason, people think that it is ok for their dogs to run up to us and greet us. What if my dogs weren’t friendly? What if our dogs don’t like each other? What if their dogs aren’t friendly? In any case, as we walked along the greenbelt, we encountered another dog playing with his owner. I called my dogs. They walked right beside me. As the approaching dog saw us, he stopped playing with his owner and galloped towards us. He was excited to see Blue. He was a mixed breed dog, about 60-65 pounds. He took one look at Blue and liked what he saw. He started licking his back and then proceeded to HUMP!!!! Blue got angry and gave a good growl. He does not like to be dominated. Then both of the dogs started jumping on each other and fighting. OH goodness! Blue dog is NOT a fighter. He is a lover. The owner finally realized what was going on and sprinted to help me detangle the dogs. Adrenaline was just shooting through my body. The owner of the other dog apologized and proceeded to beat his dog with a stick (I didn’t want that to happen either). My god…what a cluster. None if this would have happened, however, if the owner made this dog stay with him upon approaching us. UGH!!!! Blue dog is fine. He is scraped up a bit, however, he is fine…thank goodness.

Random thought #2: I need to get my own computer. Freddy left last night…with his lap top. I need to get my own. It will make my life so much easier. I have client schedules to write and real estate downloads that I need on a regular basis. Leaving my desk top at home is tough for me to do. In fact, I have to ask my house sitters to send me stuff from that computer. What a pain…I’m going to press Michael on this issue. I saw a PINK DELL that I like….hmmmmm….

Speaking of housesitters….Katie Sandmeyer and Lisa Gibbs are watching my home and our cat, Frisco. Katie is a saint! Frisco isn’t the easiest cat. He is chubby and grumpy. He sometimes leaves “skidmarks” (ass drags) on my carpet. Yes, he is a filthy pussy…but we love him. Katie has a way with Frisco. And I am proud to report that he has lost 2 pounds (of his 26 pounds)since we have been in Austin. She has been cutting his food back and when he is annoyed with her, she gets him to chase her up and downs the stairs. Brilliant!!!!

Michael comes back to Austin tonight! YAY!!!!

I am doing fine. I am tired from all of the riding that I’ve been doing this week. It’s hard getting back in shape. My running and swimming are solid, but biking is going to take a little while. I rode with Andrea yesterday and had a lot of fun. The pace was a lot more sensible for me than when I rode with motivated Terra (hehe). I’m just not ready for another ass whipping:). My legs can’t handle it!!!