It’s been two weeks since IM AZ, Angie has left (unfortunately), and it is time for me to get back into my routine. It was a lot of fun having Angie in town, although I wish she could have stayed through the weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous Saturday and Sunday. Everything in Boulder is emerald greeen. I just love this time of year.
Last week I took several blood test and a saliva test. So far the only thing that I have found out is that my iron is extremely low. Although I am not anemic, for an athlete my ferritin level was much below what it should have been. None of the other tests have come back yet. However, I am extremely encouraged by the iron test, as iron is easy to fix. I am also in the midst of consulting with an allergist for food allergies. I remind myself that everyone is human and that to be the best athlete that you can be, you must work out all of the kinks.
I have been a professional since 2003. And I admit that I never have taken my nutrition, sleep, vitamines, etc. very seriously…until now. I have always take my workouts very seriously, however, I never tied the little things in like I should. I guess IM AZ was a turing point for me as it made me realize that there is just a small window in my life that I can actually do this as a professional. Knowing how painful that race was, makes me never want to feel like that again. And for me, DNF’ing isn’t an option!
This week I am slowly getting back into my routine. I find that every ironman recovery is different. I was surprised at how badly my legs felt after AZ considering all of the walking that I did. I guess it had to do with all of the cramping that I had going on during the race.
I feel like I am on the road to recovery this week. I look forward to racing again (maybe mountain man) very soon.
Thanks for reading!