Michael and I love to sing. Neither one of is any good. But we enjoy singing to each other and to our animals. We make up silly songs and sometimes we pretend we are on American Idol.
Last night after eating our heart shaped pizza from Mangia, Michael and I were driving to Amy’s ice cream. A song came on by Jewel. I’m not sure what the title is, but it is a breakup song. One of the lines in the song is: “you were meant for me and I was meant for you”. Michael, being as sweet as he is, starts sining at the top of his lungs, and yells: “baby, this is our song”!!!!! I started laughing and said are you sure about that? Listen to the lyrics. It was a BREAKUP song! Poor guy…at least he tried:).

Every day we are feeling better. Michael and I decided to ride bikes today. YAHOO!!! Every day is gettting better. And the cough is slowly going away. Today was the first time ever I was stronger than Michael on bikes! We averaged 11.2…heheh. Michael’s ride was 35 minutes, mine was 65 minutes. Tomorrow we are swimming at Barton Springs again:). I can’t wait to feel normal again!