Michael and I try to wake up every morning between 5am and 6am to get a start on our day. This morning when I got up at 6, I gave Michael an extra 20 minutes. Our goal was the 6am swim class, however, I let Michael sort of talk me out of it last night thinking that we would do the 12:30 workout.
Usually I am up first. First, I feed Frisco as he is always hungry. (Note: his picture on the right). He is a eating machine. At 26lbs, he could win the kitty sumo wrestling champs. (For cat lovers everywhere, I realize Frisco is overweight. We have tried diets, however, Frisco protested and urinated all over my house. After that we stopped the diet). Frisco is addicted to carbs and he is on a high protein, low carb diet. So it is imperative that he gets his eating fix).
Anyway……After hearing the kitty can open, Luna lazily awakens and demands to go outside for a potty break and then eventually Blue comes out to do the same. After most of the “family” has woken up, I start singing to the dogs. I make up random songs about how much I love them and how cute they are. I have all sorts of nicknames for the animals and implement them into my “songs”. By no means am I a good singer. In fact, I suck. But I have a good imagination. My imagination can get me in trouble sometimes, but for the most part, I think it is a good quality.
After the singing starts, Michael gets out of bed and starts his day. One of the things that I love about Michael is that he loves the dogs as much as I do. That was one of the traits that I loved most about him when we started dating. In fact, I had other boyfriends in the past that found the dogs to be a nuisance. Taking them for a walk was a bore. However, Michael, loves taking them for walks and runs and has even taken up singing songs to them. It just melts my heart!
So as our morning progressed we took our fury little critters to the REZ, singing songs on the way, having the most perfect and wonderful morning!
At 6 years old (Luna) and 9 years old (Blue), our dogs are extremely well-behaved and are wonderful running partners especially in the cooler temperatures. We managed a 45 minute run today after which Michael and I met back up with each other to walk the last few minutes to our car. We are so lucky to live in Boulder with the wildlife all around us (except for the mountain lions and coyotes). On our way back in, we saw a bald eagle. It was magnificent! It waws truly the best morning ever!