This week has been tough on my triathlon training. I have been in Denverfor a few days this week doing Coldwell Banker training stuff. The great thing about CB is that they really make sure that their agents are trained to the highest level. I have really been enjoying the training, however, it completely drains me for the day. Every time I come home from a training session, I am worthless!!
I was really excited to not have to go to CB training today or have to go into the office. Today was going to be my day to train like crazy!
I woke up this morning very excited. The day before, I had planned my day all out. I was going to run the Linden loop first and then go for a bike ride and then do the 12:30 swim. Unfortunatley, Mother Nature’s wrath came upon Boulder and it was dumping snow! I waited a while thinking that it would die off, but it never did. So Michael and I decided to go up to Brainard Lake for a bit of snowshoeing with our dogs. We hadn’t snowshoed in forever!! It was a great outing! Our dogs romped around the lake and the snow was so fresh. It was a bit too deep to do any fast running, but at 10,000 feet, we sure did get a great workout in!
After today, It’s hard to believe that Michael and I used to do snowshoe races in Vail…and go fairly fast. Today we managed to do 2.5 miles in 40 minutes!! At least we had a lot of fun…and so did our dogs:)
Thanks for reading!