I can’t believe that summer is coming to a close. The early mornings are nice and cool, but we are still enjoying the warm 80 degree days! Actually this part of summer is my favorite!

Michael and I spent some time in Steamboat in July , which was really fun. It was nice to get a change of scenery and a change of pace. We raced a trail race, which was completely out of my comfort zone. Trail racing is tough, in my opinion…especially the downhill. I gained a lot of respect for the people who do those races! You have to be REALLY BRAVE and FAST to take those corners and descents! Michael and I came home feeling rested and refreshed. While we got in some good training, we were able to turn off the computers and I-Phone and decompress from life. It was AWESOME!

We both came home feeling like different people for the better! We felt rested and ready for the next training block. Training was better than ever and we were both feeling very confident about our upcoming races. My main focus was getting ready to race Worlds in Las Vegas and Michael’s was getting a podium finish in NYC.

Unfortunately Michael did not have the race that he dreamed of having in NYC. If anything, It was a nice kick in the pants. I suppose he needed this in order to try something different to pull himself together for a good race in KONA.

My training had been going extremely well. I felt better and fitter with my swimming, biking, and running. I was right on track and feeling good. Right before Michael left for NYC, I came down with a fever and some GI symptoms that I thought may be the flu. I took a few days off, felt a bit better, then got worse when I traveled to NYC to watch ML race. I felt like I was in a fog the entire time that I was there. I was extremely tired, but I couldn’t sleep. My heart rate was higher than usual and I was just not myself. Excercising seemed impossible and I just couldn’t fight it. In fact, I went with it, taking an entire week off. I came home, got some blood work done, and rested some more. Michael encouraged me to make a few phone calls and get some advice.

While I have not been injured in over twenty years, my system is vulnerable. Feeling exhausted, having GI problems, or getting sick is nothing new for me. I have struggled with this for several years. I used to think that training too hard was my downfall. I now know that it is a much bigger picture than that. External stress that I allow into my life contributes just as much (if not more) to my body breaking down. I did think however, that my woes were behind me. For 2011, I was healthy, happy, and racing well. I think I may have taken that for granted and may have gotten lazy with my nutrition, hydration, and mostly stress. Having Adrenal Fatigue is a not so friendly reminder that I am still vulnerable and that I have to keep my life stress and training stress manageable.

I am finally coming out of the woods, slowly getting back to my old self and back to my training, while keeping my life stress down. The bad news is that I will not be racing Las Vegas this year. My schedule has changed and my goals have changed for 2012. I have hired someone to help me with a plan that doesn’t make me vulnerable to having a systematic breakdown again and to help me stay healthy while racing fast. I have realized that while I am a great coach to others, I am too emotional to coach myself. I need to take that stress out of the equation.

Now that I am on back track, Michael and I plan on racing Cozumel 70.3 in four weeks. I am really excited for this new journey to health and fast racing!