The last few days of training have been so hard. Last Saturday and Sunday were monster days. And even though I got through them just fine, I had to recover fully on Monday. I never left the house on Monday. I was so wasted that I laid down in our basement and just slept all day long. If I wasn’t sleeping, then I was eating or drinking…lots of water! It is so easy to get dehydrated here. It has been super hot (like 100 degrees) and it has been extremely dry and very windy. I am scared about the fire season as I know that we are going to be in BIG trouble this summer!
After gladly taking a day off Monday, I had soem of the best workouts of the year on Tuesday and Wendesday. On Tuesday, Michael and I went up to Magnolia for the first time this year and did run intervals. Magnolia is one of my all time favorite places to run in the summer time. It is at about 9,000 feet and it is super hilly. It is a gret strength workout!
On Wendesday, I did a ride up on the Peak to Peak with Michael and it was Hot and WINDY!! It was probably my best ride of the year and I felt pretty good the whole way up to Ward. I felt pretty good with my nutrition too. After the Peak to Peak, I did a 45 minute run off of the bike. i just had to put the 100 degree heat out of my head and go for it!
Today is a easy training day. I rode a couple hours this morning and I plan on doing the Stroke and Stride tonight. I am working most of the day today and going to see my friend Lisa who just had her baby this morning.
Thanks for reading and look forward to the 2nd Stoke and Stride report!