The weather here in Boulder is COLD!!!! We have been really good sports about it. We have been doing a lot of running, gym stuff, and swimming (outdoors). Even when it was 3 degrees, I didn’t complain.
However, we have come to the conclusion that our hopes of having a mild winter are probably not going to happen. Michael and I are going to Austin after the NEW YEAR to do some big riding and to thaw out!
Dan (my partner) arrives home around the 3rd. So we can’t leave until he gets back as I have his clients and my clients that I am taking care of. Just to let my bloggers know, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the perfect time to buy a home. You wouldn’t think so, but sellers are eager to sell their homes and buyers can usually get a good deal if they find the perfect home for them. In fact Michael and I bought our home 2 days before Christmas.
In any case, we are taking our dogs to Austin. I know my whippet, Blue, will be excited as he doesn’t have much hair. He gets cold easily!
Merry Christmas EVE!!!!!