Yesterday was the most relaxing day…ever! Michael and I slept a lot of yesterday and we enjoyed watching the snow fall.
Today is back to business as usual:). Dan’s clients want to see more homes today or tomorrow and I have clients coming in from Mississippi on the 27th. I am busy on Boulder’s MLS system trying to find homes in the Broomfield area that are suitable. I have to say, I have enjoyed looking at homes in Broomfield the past few weeks as it has a really great community, with views, without the Boulder price tag!

I am wanting to go for a run this morning, however, the 15 degree temperatures with “feels like 6″ are a bit daunting. Now that we have the Austin trip coming up, it makes the weather a bit more manageable. Michael and I keep saying….Only a week to go! With temperatures highs in the low 30′s and with more snow on the way, we are so excited for some warm weather!

I hope that everyone had the Christmas or Holiday that they wanted. And I hope that it was stress free and love filled!