Michael's white girls!

Starting the day with a walk around our neighborhood: Michael with Sophee Docherty and Luna Lovato.

Who is walking who??

Not sure who is walking who….

7711 ft!

Rest stop!

Best bikes eveh!

Favorite Stop along our 4hr ride today…The snicker and coke was much needed and appreciated.

The little store in Raymond

We got caught in the rain on our ride, however, we were in great spirits and decided to cash in our groupon for another tasty treat!

Just another day in boulder! Rush!

Too bad you can’t see the massive quantities of mud and dirt on me…

After giving our bikes a bath (and ourselves), we entered our kitchen to find Big Frisk holding down the fort:



ML working hard…sitting next to lots of laundry that needs to get folded…It’s been there since this morning…


ML at work…this time coaching Jaz Oeinck.


Relaxing, watching THE VOICE with Luna and Blue. :)