It has been incredibly hot in Boulder so far this spring. Actually, I’m not sure if we even had a spring…it feels like summer! We are still trying to fix our A/C. We thought that we had the problem solved, however, it looks like we will have to put about 500 dollars into it before it is up and working again.
I just finished a really hard two days. And I am in the middle of a tough 2 week block. I am trying to stay on top of my hydration as much as possible. I find that the more hydrated that I am, the better I recover. I have started to carry a gallon of water with me everywhere. My goal is to finish a gallon a day. Actually it hasn’t bee that difficult to do. It is so dry here and the water is realyl quenching my thirst!
Yesterday I did a track workout. The goal was to do 6 x 1000 at 3:37 with 2 min. rest. I did ok. It wasn’t a stellar workout. It is really hard to do track by yourself. It makes you really mentally tough to make the times when you are alone. I try to imagine myself running with someone who makes me mad:). It always amazes me when I start to think about my times when I was in college. I used to be able to hold 75 sec quaters forever….no it’s all I can do to hold 87 second quaters. I am stronger now than I was then, however, my speed has gone to the dogs! After track, my jug of water and I went to the pool for a 90 min swim and a lift. It was a hard day1 After all of the workouts, I did some CB stuff . I have 3 buyers right now that i am trying to find homes for.
Today was a hard day too. It started out with a 70 minutes swim. (I swam like crap). I came home so tired and hot, yet I pulled myself together for a 4 hr hill ride and a 40 minute run off of the bike. The ride was ok. Michael made it better by being so encouraging and being there with me. My run, however, was really great. I am doing 4 out of 6 runs off of the bike now. I think it is making my running more strong!
Thankfully, tomorrow is an easier day. I plan on getting up nice and early and doing a 2 hr ride with a co worker who just got into triathlons. After that, I will go to the pool and do a 75′ swim. I have to work tomorrow afternoon, but I also plan on doing the stroke and stride tomorrow evening. I love those events. It’s a great opportunity for Michael and I to catch up with all of our friends!
Friday is an off day and the weekend witll be hard again.
Thanks for being interested in all of my happenings.