Today I decided that I wanted to run part of the run course. The run course is FLAT and hopefully FAST!!! This race is truly one of the most beautiful venues. The run is right next to the ocean and the the views are spectactular!!
The excitement of racing comes and goes for me. Today, I wasn’t that excited to race. My run was short of fun or easy. Mentally it was tough and my legs still seem tired and heavy. I still feel like I am having a hard time of coming around with the jet-lag. The good news, however, is that my breathing has been extremly easy. The air quakity here is perfect for me and I don’t seem to have any allergies…Thank goodness!!
After the run, I took a walk on the jetty to check out the swim. I really enjoy taking a nice walk after a difficult run. It makes my legs feel a bit better and It helps me forget about how hard my run seemed.
After my run, Michael and I hopped on our bikes for a short spin. The winds were howeling today! I have heard about the different sort of conditions that I might expect…. and now I know people weren’t exagerating about the wind. Thankfully, I brought a deep dish and a disc just in case of terrible wind!
Tomorrow is a hard day on the bike. Michael is taking me out for some hard intervals and then off for a hard swim. Hopefully, it will be a more inspiring day than today!
Thanks for reading!